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1892-1911, Texas Civil Appeals Reports
The Texas civil appeals reports; Cases argued and decided in the Courts of Civil Appeals of the State of Texas: Vol. 1-63, 1892-1911, all published.
Title:   The Texas civil appeals reports : cases argued and decided in the Courts of Civil Appeals of the state of Texas ... v. 1 (Oct./Dec. 1892)- v. 63 (Jan. 1911).
OCLC Number:   83114365
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 19YesYes
Volume 29YesYes
Volume 39YesYes
Volume 49YesYes
Volume 59YesYes
Volume 69YesYes
Volume 78YesYes
Volume 88YesYes
Volume 98YesYes
Volume 108YesYes
Volume 118YesYes
Volume 128YesYes
Volume 138YesYes
Volume 148YesYes
Volume 158YesYes
Volume 168YesYes
Volume 179YesYes
Volume 189YesYes
Volume 199YesYes
Volume 209YesYes
Volume 219YesYes
Volume 228YesYes
Volume 239YesYes
Volume 248YesYes
Volume 25, 19018YesYes
Volume 26, 19018YesYes
Volume 27, 1901-028YesYes
Volume 28, 19028YesYes
Volume 29, 19028YesYes
Volume 30, 19028YesYes
Volume 31, 19039YesYes
Volume 32, 19038YesYes
Volume 33, 19038YesYes
Volume 34, 1903-048YesYes
Volume 35, 19048YesYes
Volume 36, 19048YesYes
Volume 37, 1904-058YesYes
Volume 38, 19058YesYes
Volume 39, 19058YesYes
Volume 40, 19058YesYes
Volume 41, 1905-068YesNo
Volume 42, 19068YesYes
Volume 43, 19068YesYes
Volume 44, 1906-078YesYes
Volume 45, 19078YesYes
Volume 46, 19078YesYes
Volume 47, 19078YesYes
Volume 48, 1907-088YesYes
Volume 49, 19088YesYes
Volume 50, 19088YesYes
Volume 51, 19088YesYes
Volume 52, 19088YesYes
Volume 53, 1908-098YesYes
Volume 54, 19098YesYes
Volume 55, 19098YesYes
Volume 56, 19098YesYes
Volume 57, 19098YesYes
Volume 58, 1909-108YesYes
Volume 59, 19108YesYes
Volume 60, 19108YesYes
Volume 61, 19108YesYes
Volume 628YesNo
Volume 639YesYes