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1890-, Oklahoma Session Laws
Territory/State of Oklahoma session laws: title varies, 1890–, various state printers, 1891– (The area now known as Oklahoma was once part of a vast
“Indian Territory” assigned by the United States, both to its indigenous inhabitants, the Plains Indians, and also to those Native Americans of the
“Five Civilized Tribes” that were driven west of the Mississippi in the event known to history as the “Trail of Tears.” Additional newly-landless
eastern tribes such as the Delaware and Shawnee were moved in following the Civil War. At that time also began a great migration of white settlers into the
Indian Territory, so that by the 1880s the conflicts between Native Americans and white settlers became so exacerbated that it became federal policy
to separate the two groups. In 1890 the western section of what is now Oklahoma was organized into the Territory of Oklahoma, while the Native
Americans were restricted to the eastern section of the future state in a smaller Indian Territory. The first session of the western section’s Oklahoma
Territorial Legislative Assembly met in August of 1890, with the upper house of the Legislative Assembly during the territorial period being styled the
“Council”. Finally, in 1907 the Territory of Oklahoma and the Indian Territory were joined to become the State of Oklahoma. The first legislative session
of the State of Oklahoma began in Dec. of 1907.)
Title:   Session laws of ... passed at the ... session of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Oklahoma.
OCLC Number:   586098089
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1895 Jan 3rd Reg SessYesYes
1897 Jan 4th Reg SessYesYes
1899 Jan 5th Reg SessYesYes
1901 Jan 6th Reg. Sess.YesYes
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1905 Jan 8th Reg. Sess.YesYes
1907 Dec 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1909 Jan 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
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1910 Nov Ext. Sess.YesNo
1911 Jan 3rd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1913 Jan 4th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1913 Mar Ext. Sess.YesNo
1915 Jan 5th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1916 Jan Ext. Sess.YesNo
1917 Jan 6th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1919 Jan 7th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1920 Feb Ext. Sess.YesNo
1921 Jan 8th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1921 Apr Ext. Sess.YesNo
1923 Jan 9th Reg. Sess.0YesNo
1923 Oct Ext. Sess.YesNo
1924 Jan Ext. Sess.YesNo
1925 Jan 10th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1927 Jan 11th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1929 Jan 12th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1931 Jan 13th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1933 Jan 14th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1933 May Ext. Sess.YesNo
1935 Jan 15th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1936 Nov Ext. Sess.YesYes
1937 Jan 16th Reg. Sess.YesYes
1939 Jan 17th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1943 Jan 19th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1945 Jan 20th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1949 Nov Ext. Sess.YesNo
1951 Jan 23rd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1953 Jan 24th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1955 Jan 25th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1961 Jan 28th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1963 Jan 29th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1965 Jan 30th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1967 Jan 31st 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1968 Jan 31st 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1969 Jan 32nd 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1970 Jan 32nd 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1971 Jan 33rd 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1971 Jul 33rd Ext. Sess.YesNo
1972 Jan 33rd 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1973 Jan 34th 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1974 Jan 34th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1975 Jan 35th 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1976 Jan 35th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1976 Jul 35th 1st Ext. Sess.YesNo
1977 Jan 36th 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1977 Jun 36th 1st Ext. Sess.YesNo
1978 Jan 36th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesYes
1979 Jan 37th 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1980 Jan 37th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1980 Jul 37th 1st Ext. Sess.YesNo
1981 Jan 38th 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1981 Aug 38th 1st Ext. Sess.YesNo
1982 Jan 38th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1983 Jan 39th 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1983 Sept 39th 1st Ext. Sess.YesNo
1984 Jan 39th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesYes
1985 Jan 40th 1st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1986 Jan 40th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1987 Jan 41st Reg. Sess.YesNo