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1902-34, Ohio Nisi Prius Reports, NS
The Ohio Nisi Prius Reports; New series; Being reports of cases decided by the superior, common pleas, insolvency and probate courts of the State of
Ohio: Vol. 1-32, Cincinnati, Ohio Law reporter Co., 1904-1934, all publ. (The title of the New Series varies. The "Old Series" of Ohio Nisi Prius
Reports was absorbed into the title Ohio Decisions after its 8th and final volume. This "New Series" is by a different publisher.)
Title:   The Ohio nisi prius reports, new series : being reports of cases decided by the Superior, Common Pleas, Insolvency and Probate Courts of the state of Ohio.
OCLC Number:   77712168
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 1, 1903-047YesYes
Volume 2, 1904-058YesYes
Volume 3, 1905-068YesYes
Volume 4, 1906-078YesYes
Volume 5, 19077YesYes
Volume 6, 1907-087YesYes
Volume 7, 19087YesYes
Volume 8, 19098YesYes
Volume 9, 1909-108YesYes
Volume 10, 19108YesYes
Volume 11, 19118YesYes
Volume 12, 1911-128YesYes
Volume 13, 1912-138YesYes
Volume 14, 19137YesYes
Volume 15, 1913-147YesYes
Volume 16, 1914-157YesYes
Volume 17, 19157YesYes
Volume 18, 1915-167YesYes
Volume 19, 1916-177YesYes
Volume 20, 1917-187YesYes
Volume 21, 1918-197YesYes
Volume 22, 1919-207YesYes
Volume 23, 1920-217YesYes
Volume 24, 1922-247YesYes
Volume 25, 1924-257YesYes
Volume 26, 1925-277YesNo
Volume 27, 1928-307YesYes
Volume 28, 1930-317YesYes
Volume 29, 1931-327YesYes
Volume 30, 1932-337YesYes
Volume 31, 1933-346YesNo
Volume 32, 19346YesYes