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1852-1964, Ohio Supreme Court Reports, 1st Series, Official Series
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Ohio: Vol. 1-, 1852-, var. state printers, 1852-, cite as Ohio St. (This title, the
current official set of Ohio reports, has gone into a second series. It succeeds the Ohio Reports, 1821-52, available elsewhere on this site. In 1875,
by means of a constitutional amendment, provision was made for a Supreme Court Commission to assist the Supreme Court in clearing its docket.
Commissions sat from 1876-1879 and 1883-1885. The decisions of these auxiliary commissions were published with those of the Supreme Court.)
Title:   Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Ohio.
OCLC Number:   105688916
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 1, 2nd Ed.YesNo
Volume 2, 2nd Ed.YesNo
Volume 3, 2nd EdYesYes
Volume 4, 2nd Ed.YesNo
Volume 5, 1854-568YesYes
Volume 6, 18569YesYes
Volume 7, 18577YesNo
Volume 8, 18578YesYes
Volume 9, 18597YesNo
Volume 10, 1857-608YesYes
Volume 11, 18608YesNo
Volume 12, 18618YesNo
Volume 13, 1861-628YesYes
Volume 14, 1862-637YesNo
Volume 15, 1863-648YesNo
Volume 16, 1964-668YesNo
Volume 17, 1866-678YesNo
Volume 18, 1868-697YesNo
Volume 19, 18697YesNo
Volume 20, 18707YesNo
Volume 21, 18718YesNo
Volume 22, 1871-727YesNo
Volume 23, 1872-738YesNo
Volume 248YesYes
Volume 258YesNo
Volume 268YesNo
Volume 278YesYes
Volume 288YesNo
Volume 298YesNo
Volume 308YesNo
Volume 318YesNo
Volume 327YesYes
Volume 338YesNo
Volume 34, 1877-788YesNo
Volume 358YesNo
Volume 369YesNo
Volume 37, 1881-828YesNo
Volume 389YesNo
Volume 398YesNo
Volume 40, 1883-848YesNo
Volume 41, 1874-759YesNo
Volume 42, 1884-859YesNo
Volume 438YesNo
Volume 448YesNo
Volume 458YesNo
Volume 468YesYes
Volume 477YesYes
Volume 488YesYes
Volume 498YesNo
Volume 509YesYes
Volume 518YesYes
Volume 528YesYes
Volume 538YesYes
Volume 54YesYes
Volume 558YesYes
Volume 569YesYes
Volume 578YesYes
Volume 589YesYes
Volume 597YesNo
Volume 608YesYes
Volume 618YesYes
Volume 628YesYes
Volume 637YesYes
Volume 648YesYes
Volume 658YesYes
Volume 668YesYes
Volume 678YesYes
Volume 689YesYes
Volume 697YesYes
Volume 707YesYes
Volume 717YesYes
Volume 729YesYes
Volume 736YesYes
Volume 747YesYes
Volume 758YesYes
Volume 768YesYes
Volume 779YesYes
Volume 787YesYes
Volume 797YesYes
Volume 8010YesYes
Volume 818YesYes
Volume 827YesYes
Volume 83, 1910-117YesYes
Volume 84, 19117YesYes
Volume 85, 1911-127YesYes
Volume 86, 19125YesNo
Volume 87, 1912-137YesYes
Volume 88, 19138YesYes
Volume 89, 1913-147YesYes
Volume 90, 19147YesYes
Volume 91, 1914-157YesNo
Volume 92, 19157YesYes
Volume 93, 1915-167YesYes
Volume 94, 19167YesYes
Volume 95, 1916-176YesYes
Volume 96, 19178YesYes
Volume 97, 1917-185YesNo
Volume 98, 19186YesYes
Volume 99, 19186YesYes
Volume 100, 19197YesYes
Volume 101, 19208YesYes
Volume 1029YesYes
Volume 103, 19219YesYes
Volume 104, 19228YesYes
Volume 105, 19228YesYes
Volume 106, 19229YesNo
Volume 107, 19238YesNo
Volume 108, 19238YesNo