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1777- , New York Session Laws
Laws of the State of New York passed at the session...: title varies. (The first Assembly for the State of New York was held in Sept., 1777. Dutch
and English colonial session laws are represented by their own entries. The first Dutch colonial laws were recorded ca. 1647; the first session of the
Assembly of the Province of New York was held in April, 1691.) At the time of microfilming the Early State Records Collection, the Library of Congress
was unable to locate a document for the 91 page version of the January 1810 33rd Assembly meeting; no laws were passed at the December 1788 second
meeting of the 11th Assembly. (The Early State Records collection was digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Library of
Congress, Harvard Law Library, the New York Historical Society Library, and the New York Public Library).
Title:   Laws of the state of New York / passed at the ... session of the Legislature.
OCLC Number:   297540095
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1777 Sept 1st Ass'yYesNo
1778 Oct 2nd Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1779 Jan 2nd Ass'y, 2nd meetingYesNo
1779 Aug 3rd Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1780 Jan 3rd Ass'y, 2nd meetingYesNo
1780 May 3rd Ass'y, 3rd meetingYesNo
1780 Aug 4th Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1781 Jan. 4th Ass'y, 2nd meetingYesNo
1781 June 4th Ass'y, 3rd meetingYesNo
1781 Aug 5th Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1782 Feb 5th Ass'y, 2nd meetingYesNo
1782 July 6th Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1783 Jan 6th Ass'y, 2nd meetingYesNo
1784 Feb 7th Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1784 Oct 8th Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1785 Jan 8th Ass'y, 2nd meetingYesNo
1786 Jan 9th Ass'yYesNo
1787 Jan 10th Ass'yYesNo
1788 Jan 11th Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1789 Jan 12th Ass'yYesNo
1789 July 13th Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1789 July 13th Ass'y, 1st meeting, c.2YesNo
1790 Jan 13th Ass'y, 2nd meetingYesNo
1791 Jan 14th Ass'yYesNo
1792 Jan 15th Ass'yYesNo
1792 Nov 16th Ass'yYesNo
1794 Jan 17th Ass'yYesNo
1795 Jan 18th Ass'yYesNo
1796 Jan 19th Ass'yYesNo
1797 Jan 20th Ass'yYesNo
1798 Jan 21st Ass'yYesNo
1798 Aug 22nd Ass'y, 1st meetingYesNo
1799 Jan 22nd Ass'y, 2nd meetingYesNo
1800 Jan 23rd Ass'yYesNo
1801 Jan 24th Ass'yYesNo
1802 Jan 25th Ass'yYesNo
1803 Jan 26th Ass'yYesNo
1804 Jan 27th Ass'yYesNo
1804 Nov 28th Ass'yYesNo
1806 Jan 29th Ass'yYesYes
1806 Jan 29th Ass'y, c.2YesNo
1807 Jan 30th Ass'yYesNo
1808 Jan 31st Ass'y, Public lawsYesNo
1808 Jan 31st Ass'y, Private lawsYesNo
1808 Nov 32nd Ass'y, Public lawsYesNo
1808 Nov 32nd Ass'y, Private lawsYesNo
1810 Jan 33rd Ass'y, Public lawsYesNo
1810 Jan 33rd Ass'y, Private lawsYesNo
Jan, 54th. Sess.YesYes
Jan, 55th. Sess.YesYes
Jan, 56th. Sess.YesYes
Jan, 57th. Sess.YesYes
Jan, 58th. Sess.YesYes
1836 Jan 59th Ass'yYesYes
Jan, 60th. Sess.YesYes
1838 Jan 61st Ass'yYesYes
1839 Jan 62nd Ass'yYesYes
1840 Jan 63rd Ass'yYesYes
1841 Jan 64th Ass'yYesYes
1842 Jan 65th Ass'yYesYes
1843 Jan 66th Ass'yYesYes
Jan, 67th. Sess.YesYes
Jan, 68th. Sess.YesYes
Jan, 69th. Sess.YesYes
1847, Jan 70th. Sess.YesYes
1847, Sept 70th. Sess.YesYes
1848 Jan 71st Ass'yYesYes
1849, Jan 72th. Sess.YesYes
1849 Jan 72nd Ass'yYesYes
1850 Jan 73rd Ass'yYesYes
1851 Jan 74th Reg & Spec Sess.YesYes
1862 Jan 85th Ass'yYesYes
1863 Jan 86th Ass'yYesYes
1864, Jan 87th. Sess.YesYes
1865 Jan 88th SessYesYes
1866 Jan 89th SessYesYes
1867, Jan 90th. Sess.YesYes
1867, Jan 90th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1868 Jan 91st SessYesYes
1869 Jan 92nd SessYesYes
1870 Jan 93rd SessYesYes
1871 Jan 94th Session Vol. 2YesNo
1873 Jan 96th Ass'yYesYes
1876 Jan 99th SessYesYes
1876 Jan 99th Sess Vol. 2YesYes
1877, Jan 100th. Sess.YesYes
1877, Jan 100th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1878 Jan 101st SessYesYes
1879, Jan 102nd. Sess.YesYes
1880, Jan 103rd. Sess.YesYes
1880, Jan 103rd. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1881, Jan 104th. Sess.YesYes
1881, Jan 104th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1882, Jan 105th. Sess.YesYes
1882, Jan 105th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1883, Jan 106th. Sess.YesYes
1884, Jan 107th. Sess.YesYes
1885 Jan 108th SessYesYes
1886 Jan 109th Ass'yYesYes
1887 Jan 110th Ass'yYesYes
1890 Jan 113th Ass'yYesYes
1892 Jan 115th Ass'y Vol. 2YesYes
1893 Jan 116th Ass'y Vol. 1YesYes
1893 Jan 116th Ass'y Vol. 2YesYes
1894 Jan 117th SessYesYes
1895 Jan 188th SessYesYes
1896, Jan 119th. Sess.YesYes
1896, Jan 119th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1897, Jan 120th. Sess.YesYes
1897, Jan 120th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1897, Jan 120th. Sess. Vol.3YesYes
1898 Jan 121st SessYesNo
1899, Jan 122nd. Sess.YesYes
1899, Jan 122nd. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1900 Jan 123rd SessYesYes
1901 Jan 124th Sess.YesYes
1901 Jan 124th Sess Vol. 3YesYes
1902 Jan 125th Sess YesYes
1902 Jan 125th Sess Vol. 2YesYes
1903 Jan 126th SessYesYes
1903 Jan 126th Sess Vol. 2YesYes
1904 Jan 127th SessYesYes
1905, Jan 128th. Sess.YesYes
1905, Jan 128th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1906 Jan 129th SessYesYes
1907, Jan 130th. Sess.YesYes
1907, Jan 130th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1908 Jan 131st Sess. YesYes
1908 May Ext. Sess. YesYes
1909 Jan 132nd Sess.0YesNo
1910 Jan 133rd Sess.YesYes
1910 Jun Ext. Sess.YesYes
1911, Jan 134th. Sess.YesYes
1911, Jan 134th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1911, Jan 134th. Sess. Vol.3YesYes
1912 Jan 135th SessYesYes
1913, Jan 136th. Sess.YesYes
1913, Jan 136th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1913, Jan 136th. Sess. Vol.3YesYes
1913, Jun 136th. Sess. Vol.4YesYes
1914 Jan 137th Sess YesYes
1914 May Ext. Sess. YesYes
1915, Jan 138th. Sess.YesYes
1915, Jan 138th. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1915, Jan 138th. Sess. Vol.3YesYes
1916 Jan 139th SessYesYes
1917 Jan 140th Sess.YesYes
1917 July Ext. Sess.YesYes
1918, Jan 141st. Sess.YesYes
1918, Jan 141st. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1918, Jan 141st. Sess. Vol.3YesYes
1919 June 142nd Sess.YesYes
1919 June Ext. Sess.YesYes
1920, Jan 143rd. Sess.YesYes
1920, Jan 143rd. Sess. Vol.2YesYes
1920, Jan 143rd. Sess. Vol.3YesYes
1920, Jan 143rd. Sess. Vol.4YesYes
1921 Jan 144th Sess.YesYes
1922 Jan 145th Sess.YesYes
1922 Aug Ext SessYesNo
1923 Jan 146th SessYesYes
1924 Jan 147th SessYesYes
1925 Jan 148th SessYesYes
1925 Jun Ext SessYesYes
1926 Jan 149th Sess.YesYes
1927 Jan 150th Sess.YesYes
1928 Jan 151st Sess.YesYes
1929 Jan 152nd Sess. YesNo
1930 Jan 153rd SessYesYes
1931 Jan 154th Sess.YesNo
1931 Aug Ext. Sess.YesNo
1932 Jan 155th SessYesYes
1932 Dec Ext SessYesYes
1933 Jan 156th SessYesYes
1933 July Ext SessYesYes
1933 Oct Ext SessYesYes
1934 Jan 157th SessYesYes
1934 July Ext SessYesYes
1935 Jan 158th SessYesYes
1936 Jan 159th SessYesYes
1936 Oct Ext SessYesYes
1937 Jan. 160th SessYesNo
1937 Ext. SessYesNo
1938 Jan 161st SessYesYes
1939 Jan 162nd SessYesYes
1939 Jan 162nd Sess V. 20YesNo
1939 Jun Ext SessYesYes
1940 Jan 163rd SessYesYes
1940 Oct Ext SessYesYes
1941 Jan 164th SessYesYes
1942 Jan 165th SessYesYes
1943 Jan 166th Sess.YesYes
1944 Jan 167th SessYesYes
1944 Oct Ext SessYesYes
1945 Jan 168th SessYesYes
1946 Jan 169th SessYesYes
1947 Jan 170th SessYesYes
1950 Jan 173rd Sess.YesYes
1951 Jan 174th Sess.YesYes
1951 Dec Ext. Sess.YesYes
1952 Local LawsYesYes
1953 Jan 176th Sess.YesYes
1953 Jun Ext. Sess.YesNo
1953 Nov Ext. Sess.YesNo
1953 Local LawsYesYes
1954 Jan 177th Sess. YesYes
1954 Jun Ext. Sess. YesYes
1955 Jan 178th Sess.YesYes
1956 Jan 179th Sess. YesYes
1957 Jan 180th Sess.YesYes
1957 Jun Ext. SessYesYes
1958 Jan 181st Sess. YesYes
1959 Jan 182nd Sess. YesYes
1959 Jun Ext. Sess. YesYes
1960 Jan 183rd Sess. YesYes
1961 Jan 184th Sess. YesYes
1961 Aug Ext. Sess. YesYes
1961 Nov Ext. Sess. YesYes
1961 Local LawsYesYes
1962 Jan 185th Sess. YesNo
1963 Jan 186th Sess.YesYes
1964 Jan 187th Sess. YesYes
1964 Ext. Sess.YesYes
1964 Dec Ext. Sess.YesYes
1965 Jan 188th Sess.YesYes
1966 Jan 189th Sess.YesYes
1967 Jan 190th Sess.YesNo
1969 Jan 192nd Sess.YesYes
1970 Jan 193rd Sess.YesYes
1971 Jan 194th Sess.YesYes
1971 Dec Ext. Sess.YesNo
1972 Jan 195th Sess.YesNo
1973 Jan 196th Sess.YesYes
1973 Jul Ext. Sess.YesNo
1977 Jan 200th Sess.YesYes
1977 Oct Ext. Sess.YesYes
1978 Jan 201st Sess.YesYes
1978 Jul 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
1978 Jul 2nd Ext. Sess.YesYes
1978 Jul 3rd Ext. Sess.YesYes
1979 Jan 202nd Sess.YesYes
1979 Nov Ext. Sess.YesYes
1981 Jan 204th Sess.YesYes
1981 Sept Ext. Sess.YesYes
1982 Jan 205th SessYesYes
1982 Dec Ext SessYesNo
1983 Jan 206th Sess.YesYes
1984 Jan 207th SessYesYes
1985 Jan 208th Sess. YesYes
1985 Ext. Sess. YesYes
1986 Jan 209th Sess. YesYes
1986 Dec Ext. Sess. YesYes
1987 Jan 210th Sess. YesYes
1988 Jan 211th Sess.YesYes
1989 Jan 212th SessYesYes
1990 Jan 213th Sess. YesYes
1991 Jan 214th Sess.YesYes
1992 Jan 215th Sess.YesYes
1993 Jan 216th Sess. YesYes
1994 Jan 217th Sess. YesYes
1995 Jan 218th Sess. YesYes
1996 Jan 219th Sess.YesYes
1996 Dec Ext. Sess.YesYes
1997 Jan 220th Sess.YesNo
1998 Jan 221st Sess.YesYes
1999 Jan 222nd Sess. YesYes
2000 Jan 223rd Sess. YesYes
2002 Jan 225th Sess.YesYes
2003 Jan 226th Sess.YesYes
2004 Jan 227th Sess.YesYes
2005 Jan 228th SessYesYes
2007 Jan 230th SessYesYes