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1664-1691, New York (Province). Manuscripts (MS)
New York Colonial (Province) Manuscripts from 1664 to 1691, bound by the New York State Library in 1919 and contained in volumes 22-36 of the bound
material. Of note, the Council Minutes contain only the decisions of the Council. Although they were originally only filed away for reference, they
were latter arranged in chronological order and the historical part of these make up the Colonial Manuscripts - New York State. Preceding each
manuscript volume is a calendar of that volume taken from the Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, vol. 2. This calendar was published in 1866 before the
Capitol fire of 1911 in Albany. The present volumes contain salvaged material from the fires; some merely scorched, others destroyed. Thus some in the
calendar cannot be found in these copies. (Source of digitized material: New York State Archives).
Title:   [New York colonial manuscripts, 1664-1691]
OCLC Number:   987879999
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1664 Dec.-1674 June, pt. 1YesNo
1664 Dec.-1674 June, pt. 2YesNo
1664 Dec.-1674 June, pt. 3YesNo
1664 Dec.-1674 June, pt. 4YesNo
1664 Dec.-1674 June, pt. 5YesNo
1674 July-1675 Oct., pt. 1.1YesNo
1674 July-1675 Oct.,pt. 1.2YesNo
1674 July-1675 Oct., pt. 1.3YesNo
1674 July-1675 Oct., pt. 1.4YesNo
1674 July-1675 Oct., pt. 2.1YesNo
1674 July-1675 Oct.,pt. 2.1YesNo
1675 Nov.-1676 Dec., pt. 1.1YesNo
1675 Nov.-1676 Dec., pt. 1.2YesNo
1675 Nov.-1676 Dec., pt. 1.3YesNo
1675 Nov.-1676 Dec., pt. 1.4YesNo
1675 Nov.-1676 Dec., pt. 2.1YesNo
1675 Nov.-1676 Dec., pt. 2.2YesNo
1675 Nov.-1676 Dec., pt. 2.3YesNo
1675 Nov.-1676 Dec., pt. 2.4YesNo
1676 Dec.-1677 Dec., pt. 1.1YesNo
1676 Dec.-1677 Dec., pt. 2.1YesNo
1676 Dec.-1677 Dec., pt. 2.2YesNo
1676 Dec.-1677 Dec., pt. 2.3YesNo
1678 Jan.-1678 Aug., pt. 1.1YesNo
1678 Jan.-1678 Aug., pt. 1.2YesNo
1678 Jan.-1678 Aug., pt. 1.3YesNo
1678 Jan.-1678 Aug., pt. 2.1YesNo
1678 Jan.-1678 Aug., pt. 2.2YesNo
1678 Jan.-1678 Aug., pt. 2.3YesNo
1678 Aug.-1679 Dec., pt. 1.1YesNo
1678 Aug.-1679 Dec., pt. 1.2YesNo
1678 Aug.-1679 Dec., pt. 1.3YesNo
1678 Aug.-1679 Dec., pt. 2.1YesNo
1678 Aug.-1679 Dec., pt. 2.2YesNo
1678 Aug.-1679 Dec., pt. 2.3YesNo
1689 Jan.-1690 Feb.YesNo
1690 Mar.-MayYesNo
1690 May-JulyYesNo
1690 July-Nov.YesNo
1690 Dec.-1691 Feb.YesNo