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1976-, Michigan Legislature, Bill Analyses
Analyses of pending legislation in the House and Senate of the Legislature of the State of Michigan, 1973–1996, Michigan, var. agencies, 1973–96.
(Bill analyses are prepared principally for the guidance of legislators, but also for the information of the public. They include a statement of the
problem being addressed, arguments for and against the bill, and other background information. A given bill may have more than one analysis, issued
successively as the bill was amended on its way through the legislative process. Since they can be presumed to have influenced legislators' actions, these
analyses comprise an important thread in Michigan's legislative history. The practice of issuing analyses began in Michigan in 1969 during the
administration of Gov. William Milliken, when the analyses were prepared by various interested state agencies. During 1971–72 this task was taken over in a
more organized way by the Legislative Reference Bureau. In 1973, the beginning of LLMC's offering, it became the responsibility of the House Analysis
Division; after 1976 the House Legislative Analysis Section. In 1980 a Senate Analysis Section took over the work for bills originating in that chamber.
In 1987 and 2004 respectively, the two issuing bodies became the Senate Fiscal Agency and the House Fiscal Agency. From 1997 to date the analyses are
available on the Michigan Legislature's website: www.michiganlegislature.org. LLMC's historical run, 1973–1996, provides the remainder of the
backfile created by agencies of the legislature. Scattered materials for 1969–72 are available in paper at the Library of Michigan. Users of the LLMC
backfile should note that the materials are organized by bill number within the two-year terms of succeeding legislatures, 1973–74, 1975–76, etc. Within each
biennium, Tables are grouped as Part One, the analyses for Senate bills are grouped as Part Two, and the those for House bills are grouped as Part
Title:   [Bill analyses].
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