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Joint Special Comm. on D. Hammond's Peititon, Report, 1842
House No. 42 On February 25, 1842, a Special Joint Committee reported on the petition of Daniel Hammond. There was a full-dress hearing on the
matter. Mr. Hammond had contracted for the purchase of a township and one half in the public lands. After a time, he was aggrieved because he thought
the timber was not nearly as good as he had been led to believe and he wanted a refund. The Committee investigated the land agent to see if he had led
Mr. Hammond astray, but they concluded he had not done so at all. Mr. Hammond had not done investigation on his own, as he should have. Determining
the value of the property was difficult, so the Committee suggested returning Mr. Hammond's notes to half the value of the sale plus some simple
interest and the state would take back title to half the land. Appendix B showed the financials. Resolves upon the petition of Daniel Hammond. When Mr.
Hammond conveyed a good title to half of Township Three to the state, the Treasurer would surrender notes against him equal to half the purchase
price plus simple interest. The land agent would handle the paperwork. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Library of
Title:   The special committee of both houses, to whom was referred the petition of Daniel Hammond, report ...
OCLC Number:   1422914100
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