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Senate. Comm. on Roads and Bridges. Report, 1840
SEE ALSO 53334 Senate No. 40 On March 9, 1840, the Committee on Roads and Bridges unanimously reported on the Charles River and Warren Bridges.
The public strongly wanted both bridges open. The state owned one bridge and should buy the other. This could be done by state money, the Warren
Bridge fund, or tolls. There was not enough state money, using the Warren Bridge money for the purchase was illegal, so using tolls on both bridges was
the answer. The state would buy the Charles River Bridge for $25,000 worth of scrip to be redeemed in two years, plus 5% per annum. The state would
advance the money to fix the Charles River Bridge, repaid by tolls. When that bridge re-opened, the Warren Bridge would close for repairs. When it
re-opened, both would be toll bridges until costs had been recouped, and then the bridges would be free. The report went through pros and cons, and
ended up deciding there was no free lunch and it was past time to get on with it. An Act relating to the Charles River Bridge and the Warren Bridge,
1840. The Treasurer was authorized to create scrip for $25,000 at 5% annum payable in two years, delivered to the proprietors of the Charles River
Bridge. The state would collect a toll on the bridge to repair and pay off the scrip. It would repair the Charles River Bridge and re-open it as a toll
bridge. The Warren Bridge would close, be repaired, and re-open as a toll bridge. Boston and Charlestown were then invited to assume responsibility
for both bridges, pay off the scrip and repairs, and open the bridges for free when the debts were paid. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of title
originally held by the Massachusetts State Library).
Title:   The Committee on Roads and Bridges, to which were committed the memorial of the proprietors of Charles River Bridge ... Report.
OCLC Number:   1405221645
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