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Joint Comm. on Officers of the General Court. Act on the Office of Sergeant at Arms, 1835
Senate (2d Session) No. 5 On September 22, 1835, two men were charged with developing a job description for a Messenger of the General Court. The
House concurred with the order the same day. The result was An Act to establish the Office of Sergeant at Arms and prescribe duties thereof, 1835.
Every January, the General Court would chose a Sergeant at Arms. That person was to supervise the housekeeping of each chamber, keep visitors in order,
choose doorkeepers, serve process if necessary, and protect books and papers. He was to choose a Watchman and assistants to care for the State House
from 9pm to sunrise, manage the office fires, and be in charge of doors and gates and keys. All the people served at the pleasure of the General
Court and the Governor. The Sergeant at Arms was to be paid $1,000/year and had the use of a house. The Watchman was paid $900, but he had to pay his
assistants from that. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Massachusetts State Library).
Title:   Ordered, that Messrs. Shattuck and Williams, with such as the House may join, be a committee, to consider what measures may be necessary in relation to the appointment of a messenger of the General Court, assistant messengers, and other persons connected with the discharge of the duties of said offices, and to prescribe their powers, duties, and compensation.
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