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Special Joint Comm. on the Warren Bridge. Report, 1835
Senate No. 58 Report of the Special Joint Committee on the subject of the Warren Bridge. On March 18, 1835, the Committee reported on many
petitions and remonstrances about tolls on the Warren Bridge. Charlestown asked for no toll on the Warren Bridge, but if there is not quite enough money in
the repair fund, could the toll at least be halved? All the other petitions wanted all tolls removed. The remonstrances said a free Warren Bridge
would cut their toll based business to ribbons. There followed a multi-page history of the bridges and all the squabbling that had gone on over the
years. The Committee conveniently could not find anything that promised a free bridge after so many years, but they did admit the Commonwealth had a
reversionary interest in all the bridges. The Directors of the Charles River Bridge proposed a compromise: 1) Have both bridges owned by one corporation
with the income distributed between the proprietors. 2) The State could give all the income to the old bridge in return for the surrender of much of
its charter 3) The State would put its share of the income into toll reduction 4) The State could purchase both bridges. The Committee rejected
choices 1)-3), but were much in favor of 4). They pushed the decision to the next General Court. Resolve: Authorize the Lieutenant Governor to take a
deed for the Charles River Bridge and to pay the proprietors an unspecified amount for an unspecified number of years. Appendix A tried to figure out
how much the bridge purchase should cost. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Massachusetts State Library)
Title:   Report of the Special Joint Committee on the Subject of Warren Bridge.
OCLC Number:   506031829
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