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Senate. Comm. on the Militia. Report on petition of the City of Boston, 1831
Senate No. 30 The Committee on the Militia sent a report on a petition by the City of Boston to move the state arsenal. Report: in 1798, when the
arsenal was built, it was in the middle of nowhere, but that was no longer the case. Nearby residents were concerned about fire or other accidents.
The City of Boston proposed to find and buy a plot of land satisfactory to the state and to erect buildings satisfactory to the state to house the
arsenal. In return, the state would deed the arsenal property and its buildings to the City of Boston, presently valued at about $33,000. The Committee
agreed with the idea. Resolved: The Governor is authorized to release the arsenal and its buildings to the City of Boston and receive a deed from
Boston for another piece of suitable land and to supervise the building, by Boston, of a new arsenal. Resolved: the Governor could appoint three
Commissioners to make contracts, etc. to get the project completed. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Massachusetts State
Title:   The Committee on the Militia submit a report on the petition of the City Council of Boston, praying for removal of the state arsenal in said city.
OCLC Number:   1394868203
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