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Joint Comm. on Fish Protection. Report, 1831
Senate No. 22 The Committee on Fisheries of both houses studied several petitions about protecting fisheries from strangers and over harvesting of
shellfish. The issue revolved around jurisdiction. Did a state have jurisdiction over its coastal waters or was it a federal responsibility? How far
out did the limit go? The Committees considered ancient and modern opinions and court cases. Most of these felt that either the distance of a
cannon shot or the distance of a marine league marked the limit of a country's jurisdiction. What about a state's standing to regulate fisheries in what
had always been considered open water? That question had not been answered. The Committees decided it could not recommend a bill on the subject
because it might lead to retaliation from other states. Shellfish, specifically oysters, were viewed in a different light. Oysters were attached to the
land and it made sense to call that state land and legislate in the state's best interest for that resource. However, the current law was very harsh
and needed revision; the Committees recommended consideration in the next session. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the
Massachusetts State Library).
Title:   The committee of both Houses on the fisheries to whom were referred the petitions of Jabez and Davis and others, and William Cottle and others, "praying that a law may be enacted for the protection of the fish on the coasts of the Commonwealth against strangers."
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