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General Court. Act to confirm the Vt. Act on Conn. River navigation improvement, 1826 [version 2]
SEE ALSO 51752, 51777 An act to confirm an act of the ... State of Vermont ... to provide for improving the navigation of the valley of the
Connecticut River, 1826 version 2. Vermont passed their act on November 9, 1825. In this version, it was on pp. 1-35. The State of Massachusetts assented
and confirmed beginning on p. 36, followed by seventeen caveats that were negative in tone, almost as if something bad had already happened. Most of the
caveats just repeated, perhaps for emphasis, situations already addressed in the original act. The requirement to keep hogs off the towpath had no
force and effect in Massachusetts and lockkeepers had to be available at night. The eighth section of the original, vesting property rights in the
Corporation forever, had no force in Massachusetts. A list of projects to be done in Massachusetts was included; any others had to be approved by the
Legislature. The eighteenth section of the original allowed the Corporation to go on private land without advance notice to fix storm damage and take
earth and gravel for such repairs, always with compensation. That had no force and effect in Massachusetts. Massachusetts always had the power to reduce
tolls in its state. The General Court reserved the right to amend the act after thirty years or to repeal it after sixty. Beginning on p. 41, Mr.
Bliss also submitted seventeen caveats whose language was nearly all the same as the previous seventeen. He tried to include a precise sum for
Commissioners' pay, but did not fill in the blank. He only gave the Corporation ten years to build projects and did not include anything about a repeal of the
act. On p. 47, Connecticut assented and confirmed with just three caveats: No dam could prevent the passage of boats or fish, the Corporation was
responsible to Connecticut for its acts, and the Corporation could not interfere with an existing canal company in Connecticut. (Digitized from a
microfilm copy of title originally held by the Massachusetts State Library).
Title:   In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six. : An act, to confirm an act of the General Assembly of the state of Vermont, entitled "An Act to provide for improving the navigation in the valley of Connecticut River.
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