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1835-10-01, Memorial on the highway crossing the Cambridge Common, 1836
Senate No. 28 The owners and occupants of property near the former highway through the Cambridge Commons sent a petition. From very early times,
there had been a road from Watertown, over the Cambridge Common, to Charlestown. Several of the petitioners had bought the road, maintained it, and it
was a free county road. In 1830, after much discussion, part of the Commons was enclosed as a public park, so the road had to be diverted. The
petitioners were not happy then and were still not happy. There had been arguments about jurisdiction over the land, which the Supreme Judicial Court
finally settled in favor of the enclosure. To the petitioners, this was "hostile to the spirit of our institutions." Please amend the 1830 statute so a
road could go across the Commons. Six men signed the petition. Several committees concurred on its submission to the Committee on Roads and
Bridges, which gave the petitioners leave to withdraw the petition. On February 10, 1836, a Mr. Turner moved to recommit the report to the Committee with
instructions to report a bill favorable to the petitioners. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Massachusetts State
Title:   The undersigned, owners and occupants of estates lying on or near the great public highway which heretofore crossed Cambridge Common, or otherwised interested in the travel over said roads, respectfully represent.
OCLC Number:   1389523360
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