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Description and Holding Information
1869- , Wyoming Legislative Journals, Senate
Digest of Senate journal of the ... state Legislature of Wyoming, 1869- . Cheyenne, Wyo., Public Printer, 1869- . ( The journal of the Senate of
Wyoming containing a numerical listing of Senate files and Senate joint resolutions, a Final Action Sheet, and a numerical listing of failed amendments.
The journal has been published under four different titles since it began publication in 1869.) (Documents that are part of the Early State Records
collection were digitized from a microfilm copy of titles originally held the Library of Congress, the Wyoming State Library and the Wyoming Office of
the Secretary of State).
Title:   Senate journal : reformatted from the original and including, Council journal of the ... Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wyoming ...
OCLC Number:   852997016
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1869 Oct 1st Sess [Territory]YesNo
1871 Nov 2d SessYesNo
1873 Nov 3d SessYesNo
1875 Nov 4th SessYesNo
1877 Nov 5th SessYesNo
1879 Nov 6th Sess (MS)YesNo
1882 Jan 7th SessYesNo
1884 Jan 8th SessYesNo
1886 Jan 9th SessYesNo
1888 Jan 10th SessYesNo
1890 Jan 11th SessYesNo
1890 Nov 1st Leg (MS) [State]YesNo
1893 Jan 2nd Leg (MS)YesNo
1895 Jan 3d LegYesNo
1897 Jan 4th Leg YesNo
1899 Jan 5th LegYesNo
1901 Jan 6th LegYesNo
1903 Jan 7th Leg, c.1YesNo
1903 Jan 7th Leg, c.2YesNo
1905 Jan 8th LegYesNo
1907 Jan 9th LegYesNo
1909 Jan 10th LegYesNo
1911 Jan 11th LegYesNo
1913 Jan 12th LegYesNo
1915 Jan 13th LegYesNo
1917 Jan 14th LegYesNo
1919 Jan 15th LegYesNo
1920 Jan Spec SessYesNo
1923 Jan 17th LegYesNo
1923 July Spec SessYesNo
1927 Jan 19th LegYesNo
1929 Dec Spec SessYesNo
1933 Jan 22d LegYesNo
1935 Jan 23d LegYesNo
1937 Jan 24th LegYesNo
1939 Jan 25th LegYesNo
1941 Jan 26th LegYesNo
1946 Apr 28th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1951 Jan 31st LegYesNo
1953 Jan 32d LegYesNo
1955 Jan 33d LegYesNo
1957 Jan 34th Leg, DigestYesNo
1959 Jan 35th LegYesNo
1961 Jan 36th Leg, DigestYesNo
1963 Jan 37th Leg, DigestYesNo
1967 Jan 39th Leg, DigestYesNo
1969 Jan 40th Leg, DigestYesNo
1971 Jan 41st Leg, DigestYesNo
1977 Jan 44th Leg, DigestYesNo
1980 Feb 45th Leg Bdg Sess, DigestYesNo
1981 Jan 46th Leg, DigestYesNo
1981 Mar 46th Leg Sp Sess, DigestYesNo
1982 Feb 46th Leg Bdg Sess, DigestYesNo
1983 Jan 47th Leg, DigestYesNo
1984 Feb 47th Leg Sp Sess, DigestYesNo
1984 Feb 47th Leg Bdg Sess, DigestYesNo
1985 Jan 48th Leg, DigestYesNo
1986 Feb 48th Leg Bdg Sess, DigestYesNo
1986 June 48th Leg Sp Sess, DigestYesNo
1987 Jan 49th Leg, DigestYesNo
1987 May 49th Leg Sp Sess, DigestYesNo
1988 Feb 49th Leg Bdg Sess, DigestYesNo
1989 Jan 50th Leg, DigestYesNo