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Description and Holding Information
1851- , New Mexico, Jrnls. of the House of Reps. (Sp. Ed.)
Diario de la camera procidimientos de la _____ legislatura des estado de Nuevo Mexico: title varies,1847–, var. state printers,1848– (In some years
the house journals were published in bilingual versions. In other years they were published in two separate editions, English and Spanish. Following
OCLC cataloging practice, LLMC has grouped the bilingual years, the English-language versions for those years when separate language editions were
published, and the English-only years as one continuous title stretching from 1847 to date. The Spanish editions for those years when they were separately
published are treated as a standalone title that is offered here.) (Documents that are part of the Early State Record collection were digitized from
a microfilm copy of titles originally held by the Library of Congress, New Mexico State Library, Arizona State Library, New Mexico State Historical
Society, and the New Mexico State Museum).
Title:   Diario de la Cámara, procedimientos : reformatted from the original and including, Diario de la Cámara, procedimientos de la Camara de Representantes del Territorio de Nuevo Mexico ...
OCLC Number:   794841454
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1859 Dec 9th AssyYesNo
1851 June 1st Assy 1st Sess [Territory]YesNo
1851 Dec 1st Assy 2nd SessYesNo
1852 Dec 2nd AssyYesNo
1853 Dec 3rd AssyYesNo
1854 Dec 4th AssyYesNo
1855 Dec 5th AssyYesNo
1856 Dec 6th AssyYesNo
1857 Dec 7th AssyYesNo
1858 Dec 8th AssyYesNo
1859 Dec 9th AssyYesNo
1860 Dec 10th AssyYesNo
1861 Dec 11th AssyYesNo
1862 Dec 12th AssyYesNo
1863 Dec 13th AssyYesNo
1864 Dec 14th AssyYesNo
1865 Dec 15th AssyYesNo
1866 Dec 16th AssyYesNo
1866 Dec 16th Assy, Append.YesNo
1867 Dec 17th AssyYesNo
1867 Dec 17th Assy, Append.YesNo
1868 Dec 18th AssyYesNo
1869 Dec 19th AssyYesNo
1871 Dec 20th AssyYesNo
1873 Dec 21st AssyYesNo
1873 Dec 21st Assy, Append.YesNo
1875 Dec 22d AssyYesNo
1878 Jan 23d AssyYesNo
1880 Feb 24th AssyYesNo
1882 Jan 25th AssyYesNo
1884 Feb 26th AssyYesNo
1921 Jan 5th Reg Sess SpYesNo
1927 Jan 8th Reg Sess SpYesNo