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1849- , Oregon Session Laws
Territory/State of Oregon session laws: title varies, 1844–. var. state printers. At the end of the eighteenth century the phrase “Oregon Territory ”
signified a vast but amorphous area stretching from somewhere above the Spanish settlements in California to somewhere below the Russian settlements
in Alaska, and including everything between the Rockies and the Pacific. Spain, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States all made equally
nebulous claims on the area. By 1818 the lack of forces on the ground having rendered the Spanish claims untenable, the United States and Great Britain
attempted to exclude all other parties by signing a Convention of Joint Occupation. The reality of the latter was confirmed in 1821, when Russia agreed to
limit its settlements to areas within present-day Alaska. The joint U.S./U.K. occupation kept the peace for a decade or two while the area was
virtually unpopulated. A legislature of sorts functioned in the more American part of the territory during 1844-49. The laws adopted by that body can be
found in the compiled laws of Oregon, 1853. By the mid-1840s there were sufficient American settlers in the southern portions of the condominium that
determining who was in charge came near to being a causus belli. Fortunately, in 1846 President Polk negotiated a treaty that conceded everything north of
the forty-nine parallel, and all of Vancouver Island, to Great Britain. In 1848 Congress organized everything south of the forty-nine parallel as
the Territory of Oregon. The Territory of Oregon Legislative Assembly first met in July of 1849. Statehood finally came on February 14, 1959, but only
after the area comprising the present-day State of Washington had been severed off and organized into Washington Territory. The first session of the
Oregon State Legislative Assembly met in May 1859. (Documents that are part of the Early State Records collection, including some second copies, were
digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Library of Congress and the Oregon Supreme Court Library).
Title:   Acts and resolutions of the Legislative Assembly of the state of Oregon.
OCLC Number:   476839667
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1849 July 1st Sess-1850 May Spec SessYesNo
1849 July 1st Sess-1850 May Spec Sess (unofficial rprt.)YesNo
1851 Dec 3d Sess, GeneralYesNo
1851 Dec 3d Sess, LocalYesNo
1852 Dec 4th Sess, GeneralYesNo
1852 Dec 4th Sess, SpecialYesNo
1853 Dec 5th Sess, SpecialYesNo
1854 Dec 6th Sess, SpecialYesNo
1855 Dec 7th Sess, General & SpecialYesNo
1856 Dec 8th Sess, General & SpecialYesNo
1857 Dec 9th Sess, General & SpecialYesNo
1858 Dec 10th Sess, General & SpecialYesNo
1859 May 1st Ext Sess Gen & Spec [State]YesNo
1860 Sept 1st Sess GenYesNo
1862 Sept 2nd Sess SpecYesNo
1864 Sept 3rd Sess SpecYesNo
1865 Dec Spec Sess GenYesNo
1865 Dec Spec Sess SpecYesNo
1866 Sept 4th Sess Gen & unpublished lawsYesNo
1868 Sept 5th Sess Gen & SpecYesNo
1870 Sept 6th Sess Gen & SpecYesNo
1872 Sept 7th Sess Gen & SpecYesNo
1874 Sept 8th Sess Gen & Spec, c.1YesYes
1874 Sept 8th Sess Gen & Spec, c.2YesNo
1876 Sept 9th Sess Gen & Spec, c.1YesYes
1876 Sept 9th Sess Gen & Spec, c.2YesNo
1878 Sept 10th Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1880 Sept 11th Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1882 Sept 12th Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1885 Sept 13th Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1885 Nov Spec Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1887 Jan 14th Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1889 Jan 15th Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1891 Jan 16th Sess Gen & SpecYesNo
1893 Jan 17th Sess Gen & SpecYesNo
1895 Jan 18th Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1898 Sept Spec Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1899 Jan 20th Sess Gen & SpecYesYes
1901 Jan 21st Sess. Gen.YesNo
1903 Jan 22nd Sess. Gen.YesNo
1903 Dec Spec. Sess. Gen.YesNo
1903 Dec Spec. Sess. Spec.YesNo
1907 Jan 24th Reg. Sess. Gen.YesNo
1909 Jan 25th Reg. Sess. Gen.YesNo
1909 Mar Spec. Sess.YesNo
1911 Jan 26th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1913 Jan 27th Reg. Sess.0YesNo
1915 Jan 28th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1917 Jan 29th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1919 Jan 30th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1920 Jan Spec. Sess.YesNo
1921 Jan 31st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1923 Jan 32nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1925 Jan 33rd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1927 Jan 34th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1931 Jan 36th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1933 Jan 37th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1933 Jan Spec. Sess.YesNo
1933 Nov 37th Spec. Sess.YesNo
1935 Jan 38th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1935 Jan 38th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1937 Jan 39th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1939 Jan 40th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1941 Jan 41st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1943 Jan 42nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1947 Jan 44th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1949 Jan 45th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1951 Jan 46th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1953 Jan 47th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1955 Jan 48th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1957 Jan 49th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1957 Oct 49th Spec. Sess.YesNo
1959 Jan 50th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1961 Jan 51st Reg. Sess.YesNo
1961 Jan 51st Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1963 Jan 52nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1963 Nov 52nd Spec. Sess.YesNo
1963 Digest of LawsYesNo
1965 Jan 53rd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1965 May 53rd Spec. Sess.YesNo
1967 Jan 54th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1967 Oct 54th Spec. Sess.YesNo
1969 Jan 55th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1971 Jan 56th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1971 Jan 56th Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1973 Jan 57th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1973 Jan 57th Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1974 Jan 57th Spec. Sess.YesNo
1977 Jan 59th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1979 Jan 60th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1981 Jan 61st Reg. SessYesYes
1981 Jan 61st Reg. Sess Pt. 2YesNo
1981 Oct 61st Spec. Sess.YesNo
1983 Jan 62nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1983 Jan 62nd Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1983 Sept 62nd Spec. Sess.YesNo
1985 Jan 63rd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1985 Jan 63rd Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1997 Jan 69th Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesNo
1999 Jan 70th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1999 Jan 70th Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1999 Jan 70th Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesNo
2001 Jan 71st Reg. Sess.YesNo
2001 Jan 71st Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
2001 Jan 71st Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesNo
2002 Feb 71st Spec. Sess. 1YesNo
2002 Feb 71st Spec. Sess. 2YesNo
2002 June 71st Spec. Sess. 3YesNo
2002 Aug 71st Spec. Sess. 4YesNo
2002 Sept 71st Spec. Sess. 5YesNo
2002 Spec. Sess. Spec. Sess. 1-5 TablesYesNo
2002 Spec. Sess. Spec. Sess. 1-5 IndexYesNo
2003 Jan 72nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
2003 Jan 72nd Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
2003 Jan 72nd Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesNo