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1819-, Council/Senate Journals
Journals of the Legislative Council/Senate of the General Assembly of the Territory/State of Arkansas:1819-, Arkansas Post and Little Rock, var.
state printers, 1820- The region now known as Arkansas came into the possession of the United States via the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. At first the
present state of Arkansas was part of the District of Louisiana and governed by the governor of the Indiana Territory. The name of the District of
Louisiana, was changed to Missouri by an act of 1812. Arkansas itself was severed from Missouri in 1819 and made a separate territory. A principal
disruptive factor in the creation of the territory was its organization as a slave territory. It was a close thing, and was only accomplished by the single
vote of Henry Clay, the Speaker of the House. Thereafter slavery became a major wedge issue in the territory and later the state, being supported by the
cotton planters of the southeast, and opposed by the hill country people in the northwest. The territorial period lasted until 1836, when Arkansas
became a state. The first capital was the old colonial town of Arkansas Post, but the government was moved to Little Rock in 1821 during the territorial
period. (Documents which are part of the Early State Records collection were digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Arkansas
Secretary of State and the Library of Congress).
Title:   Journal of the Senate of Arkansas : reformatted from the original and including, Journals of the ... session of the General Assembly of the Territory of Arkansas ...
OCLC Number:   871033625
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