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Connecticut Archives. Indians, 1647-1789 (MS) 2v in 3
From the Connecticut Archives: Indians, 1647-1789. The first book covers 1647-1745 with documents 1-133. An index to volume 1 comes first, scans
4-30, in which summaries of the documents are in roughly chronological order and numbered on the right edge of the page. Some documents were sets that
required letters as well, e.g. 31a, 31b, etc. Next were the manuscripts numbered on the right edge up to 265. Some pages were numbered with after
the fact printed numbers. Each document and its wrapper were one number, so multiple scans per document were often required. This is difficult
reading; some are faint, some have large black blots, and some have very elaborate penmanship. Vol. 1 ends with scan 299, for document no. 133, even though
the index shows 265 documents. The second book starts with document 134a and progresses to scan 335 for document 265c, covering 1728-1745. There
are many losses of text in various ways. The third book, going up to 1789, begins at scan 3 with a Synopsis page, and scans 4-29 contains an
index/summary that is roughly alphabetical by topic and then chronological by document. Following that, there are lists of Indian agents in country and in
England, attorneys, and schoolmasters. Scan 34 begins with document 1a and progresses through to document #333 in scan 651. The document numbers wander
all over the screens. On scan 619 there is an interesting list of the Mohegan Indians by name as of 1774. Scan 652 begins with document 334, a printed
summary of a court case from pages 1-5. Each page is also numbered 334a, 334b, etc. Next is a Further Appendix that prints several of the manuscript
documents, a big help. The 334 number/letter continues. Pages 3 & 4 are missing, pages 7 & 8 are damaged, pages 9-12 are cut short, pages 22 and 24
are damaged on the bottom. The final scan [24] is not the end of the case, with 334a1 the end of the document numbers. (Digitized from a microfilm
copy of title originally held by the Connecticut State Library).
Title:   Connecticut archives. Indians, 1st series 1647-1789.
OCLC Number:   1365104414
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Vol. 1, pt. 1, Docs. 1-133 (1647-1728)YesNo
Vol. 1, pt. 2, Docs. 134-265 (1728-45)YesNo
Vol. 2, Docs. 1-334 (1746-89)YesNo