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1928-1963, Legislative Council Debates
Kenya Legislative Council debates : official report: 1928-1963: Nairobi, Colony and Protectorate of Kenya, 1928-1963. ( Debates of the Legislative
Council of Kenya containing communications from the Governor, discussion of committee reports presented to the Council, and debate on bills submitted to
the Council. An index is located at the end of each volume. The title split int Kenya National Assembly House of Representatives Official Report and
Kenya National Assembly Senate Official Report.)
Title:   Legislative Council debates : official report.
OCLC Number:   760976744
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1947-48, 4th SessionYesYes
1948, 2nd SessionYesYes
1949, 1st SessionYesYes
1949, 2nd SessionYesYes
1949, 3rd SessionYesYes
1949-50 4th SessionYesYes
1950, 1st SessionYesYes
1950, 2nd SessionYesYes
1950, 3rd SessionYesYes
1951, 3rd Session-2nd SittingYesYes
1951, 3rd Session-3rd SittingYesYes
1951, 3rd Session-4th SittingYesYes
1951, 3rd Session-5th SittingYesYes
1951, 4th Session-1st SittingYesYes
1952, 1st Session-3rd SittingYesYes
1952, 1st Session-4th SittingYesYes
1952, 2nd Session-1st SittingYesYes
1953, 2nd Session-2nd SittingYesYes
1953, 2nd Session-3rd SittingYesYes
1953, 2nd Session-4th SittingYesYes
1953, 2nd Session-5th SittingYesYes
1953, 3rd Session-1st SittingYesYes
1954, 3rd Session-2nd SittingYesYes
1954, 4th Session-1st SittingYesYes
1957, 1st Session-2nd MeetingYesYes
1957, 1st Session-3rd MeetingYesYes
1957, 2nd SessionYesYes
1958, 2nd Session-Part 1YesYes
1958, 2nd Session-Part 2YesYes
1958, 2nd Session-Part 3YesYes
1958, 3rd SessionYesYes
1959, 3rd SessionYesYes
1960, 4th Session-Part 1YesYes
1960, 4th Session-Part 2YesYes
1961, 1st Session-Part 1YesYes
1961, 1st Session-Part 2YesYes
1961, 1st Session-Part 3YesYes
1962, 2nd Session-Part 1YesYes
1962, 2nd Session-Part 2YesYes
1963, 2nd SessionYesYes