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Hozumi, Ancestor-Worship and Japanese Law, 1912 (2nd & revised edition)
Ancestor-Worship and Japanese Law, by Nobushige Hozumi. Second and Revised Edition published by The Maruzen Kabushiki-Kaisha (Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto
1912). xxx + 198 p. Contents of this volume in English include a preface by the author; the Introduction; Part I: Ancestor-worship in General; Part II,
Ancestor-worship in Japan; and Part III, Ancestor-worship and Law; and an Index. (The Preface states: “The present volume is based upon an address
delivered by me at the International Congress of Orientalists held at Rome in October 1899. The object of the original lecture was to show the close
relation which exists between Ancestor-worship and Japanese Law, and the vast influence which the former exercised upon different branches of the latter.
*It was, therefore, intended to be a juridical, as well as a sociological study, and not meant to be a religious tract.”)
Title:   Ancestor-worship and Japanese law / by Nobushige Hozumi, Hogaku-Hakusmi, honorary professor of the Imperial University of Tokyo, member of the Imperial Academy of Japan, barrister-at-law, of the Middle Temple, Englan.
OCLC Number:   685201443
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