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Indisch tijdschrift van het recht, 1849-1950
Indisch tijdschrift van het recht: orgaan der Nederlandsch-Indische Juristen-Vereeniging, 1849-1950, Batavia, Lange & Co. 1849-1950. (The journal of
the Dutch Indian Jurist Association containing proceedings of legal conferences and selected articles of interest to jurists and lawyers. The title
has varied through the years. Regt in Nederlandisch-Indië (1849- 1883); Recht in Nederlandsch-Indië (1883- 1914); Indisch tijdschrift van het recht
(1915-1950). Publication was suspended from 1868-1874 and 1943-1946.)
Title:   Indisch tijdschrift van het recht : orgaan der Nederlandsch-Indische Juristen-Vereeniging : reformatted from the original and including, Het Regt in Nederlandisch-Indië (1849-1883) ...
OCLC Number:   894478885
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Vol. 12YesNo
Vol. 13YesNo
Vol. 14YesNo
Vol. 15YesNo
Vol. 16YesNo
Vol. 17YesNo
Vol. 18YesNo
Vol. 19YesNo
Vol. 20YesNo
Vol. 21YesNo
Vol. 22YesNo
Vol. 23YesNo
Vol. 24YesNo
Vol. 25YesNo
Vol. 26YesNo
Vol. 27YesNo
Vol. 28YesNo
Vol. 29YesNo
Vol. 30YesNo
Vol. 31YesNo
Vol. 32YesNo
Vol. 33YesNo
Vol. 34YesNo
Vol. 35YesNo
Vol. 36YesNo
Vol. 37YesNo
Vol. 38YesNo
Vol. 39YesNo
Vol. 40YesNo
Vol. 41YesNo
Vol. 42YesNo
Vol. 43YesNo
Vol. 44YesNo
Vol. 45YesNo
Vol. 46YesNo
Vol. 47YesNo
Vol. 48YesNo
Vol. 49YesNo
Vol. 50YesNo
Vol. 51YesNo
Vol. 52YesNo
Vol. 53YesNo
Vol. 54YesNo
Vol. 55YesNo
Vol. 56YesNo
Vol. 57YesNo
Vol. 58YesNo
Vol. 59YesNo
Vol. 60YesNo
Vol. 61YesNo
Vol. 62YesNo
Vol. 63YesNo
Vol. 64YesNo
Vol. 65YesNo
Vol. 66YesNo
Vol. 67YesNo
Vol. 68YesNo
Vol. 69YesNo
Vol. 70YesNo
Vol. 78YesNo
Vol. 81YesNo
Vol. 82YesNo
Vol. 83YesNo
Vol. 84YesNo
Vol. 85YesNo
Vol. 86YesNo
Vol. 87YesNo
Vol. 88YesNo
Vol. 89YesNo
Vol. 90YesNo
Vol. 91YesNo
Vol. 92YesNo
Vol. 93YesNo
Vol. 94YesNo
Vol. 95YesNo
Vol. 96YesNo
Vol. 97YesNo
Vol. 98YesNo
Vol. 99YesNo
Vol. 100YesNo
Vol. 101YesNo
Vol. 102YesNo
Vol. 103YesNo
Vol. 104YesNo
Vol. 105YesNo
Vol. 106YesNo
Vol. 107YesNo
Vol. 108YesNo
Vol. 109YesNo
Vol. 110YesNo
Vol. 111YesNo
Vol. 112YesNo
Vol. 113YesNo
Vol. 114YesNo
Vol. 115YesNo
Vol. 116YesNo
Vol. 117YesNo
Vol. 118YesNo
Vol. 119YesNo
Vol. 120YesNo
Vol. 121YesNo
Vol. 122YesNo
Vol. 123YesNo
Vol. 124YesNo
Vol. 125YesNo
Vol. 126YesNo
Vol. 127YesNo
Vol. 128YesNo
Vol. 129YesNo
Vol. 130YesNo
Vol. 131YesNo
Vol. 132YesNo
Vol. 133YesNo
Vol. 134YesNo
Vol. 135YesNo
Vol. 136YesNo
Vol. 137YesNo
Vol. 138YesNo
Vol. 138 Pt. 2YesNo
Vol. 139YesNo
Vol. 140YesNo
Vol. 141YesNo
Vol. 142YesNo
Vol. 143YesNo
Vol. 144YesNo
Vol. 145YesNo
Vol. 146YesNo
Vol. 147YesNo
Vol. 148YesNo
Vol. 149YesNo
Vol. 150YesNo
Vol. 151YesNo
Vol. 152YesNo
Vol. 153YesNo
Vol. 154YesNo
Vol. 155YesNo
Vol. 156YesNo
Vol. 157YesNo