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1902-, Congreso, Diario de Sesiones, Senado (partial)
Diario de sesiones congreso de la República de Cuba, Senado: Vol. I-, 1902-, Havana, GovPr, 1902- (LLMC’s run is presently limited to the senate
journal for the 3rd Session of the legislature, starting 7 April 1903. Assistance in securing the loan or gift of additional portions of the run would be
greatly appreciated. However, even the small sample currently available provides a useful view into the workings of the Cuban Senate in the earliest
years of the republic. The volume scanned is also interesting for its provenance. It came to LLMC via Chicago’s Crerar Library and the Center for
Research Libraries. But it was once part of the personal library of General Enoch Herbert Crowder. Crowder loomed large in Cuban history. He served as the
chief legal officer on the staff of the provisional governor during the American occupation from 1806-1809 during which period he supervised the
election of 1908 and contributed significantly to the drafting of a body of organic law. This was followed by service back in the States from 1909-1921,
where he served as Judge Advocate of the Army, enacting wide-ranging reforms in the military justice system. During World War I he served as both the
founder and the administrator of the Selective Service System. By 1923 he was back in Cuba as American Ambassador, where, until 1927, he took a strong
hand in shaping political affairs during the presidency of his protégé, Gerardo Machado y Morales.)
Title:   Diario de sesiones del Congreso de la República de Cuba.
OCLC Number:   656991130
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