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1899-1902c, Colección Legislativa, 12 bks.
Colección legislativa de la isla de Cuba; Recopilacion de todas las disposiciones publicadas en la "Gaceta de la Habana ": n.a., 4 annual
volumes,1899-1902 in 12 books, Havana, Establecimento Tipográfico, 1899-1902. (During 1899-1902, the periodical "Gaceta de la Habana published Spanish language
translations for the more important of the orders and circulars issued by the U.S. occupation authorities in Cuba. A full collection of those orders
and circulars, in both English and Spanish versions, is contained in the series offered on this site as “Cuba- Leg- 1899-1902a, Civil Orders &
Circulars, slip ed.”; and also in a reprint edition of the same. In the present Spanish-language only compilation, the selected orders and circulars are
published as follows: 1899, 2 pts. in 2 bks; 1900, 3 pts. in 3bks.; 1901, 2 pts. in 2 bks.; & 1902, 1 pt. in 5 bks.. Each part, within each year, has its
own index, which is located at the end of that part. In addition, except for Part One of Vol. 1899, all of the parts have an appendix, or appendices,
which contain judicial decisions, etc., issued during the period covered by that part. These appendices are located at the end of the annual volume
parts to which they apply. Separate indexes relevant to the various appendices appear at the end of each appendix. Users are alerted to the fact that
the numbering of the appendices for annual Vol. 1902, the end of the series and of the American occupation, is muddled; with two separate appendices
being designated as “number one.” Since there is no way to decide between them, LLMC has mounted them on line as follows. In the original print two
items, with 1016 & 17 pages respectively, are designated “App. #1 & 2,” and are bound in the same book. LLMC has labeled these two items online as “Vol.
1902, Appendix #1 & Appendix # 2.” In the print set a separate “primer appendix,” also apparently published in 1902, was bound in three books with 2005
pages of continuous pagination. LLMC has designated these three books online as “Vol. 1902, App. #3.”)
Title:   Colección legislativa de la isla de Cuba.
OCLC Number:   768702576
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1899 Vol. 1YesYes
1899 Vol. 2YesNo
1899 Vol. 2 AppendixYesNo
1900 Vol. 1YesNo
1900 Vol. 2YesNo
1900 Vol. 3YesNo
1900 Vol. 1 AppendixYesNo
1900 Vol. 2 AppendixYesNo
1900 Vol. 3 Appendix 1YesNo
1900 Vol. 3 Appendix 2YesNo
1901 Vol. 1YesNo
1901 Vol. 2YesNo
1901 Vol. 1 AppendixYesNo
1901 Vol. 2 AppendixYesNo
1901 Vol. 2 Appendix 2YesNo
1901 Vol. 2 Appendix 3YesNo
1902 Vol. 1YesNo
1902 Vol. 1 Appendix 1YesNo
1902 Vol. 1 Appendix 2YesNo
1902 Vol. 1 Appendix 3YesNo