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Special Featured Image Collections
LLMC has introduced pictorial material on its site to provide valuable historical context for some of its featured collections. The initial selection of images provided historical background and context for our emerging Cuba Patrimony Collection.
Our second offering is a Guest Appearance of selected portions from several slide shows appearing on the Inner Temple Library on the web site. It is intended, in the first instance, to call attention to the steadily increasing number of texts being offered on LLMC-Digital from the Inner Temple Library’s exceptionally rich Manuscript Collection. A secondary purpose is to illustrate the story of how this great library has persevered through adversity over the centuries in our common mission of preservation.
More slide shows are in preparation. We will soon offer an array of appropriate historical photographs to provide useful historical context for our world-class Haiti Legal Patrimony Collection. In addition, Guest Appearances are being arranged to illustrate the deep collection-building and preservation contributions of two more of our great Legacy Libraries, the New York Law Institute and the LA Law Library.
Suggestions and contributions for other pictorial presentations are most welcome.