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1913-, Alaska Legislature, Senate Journals
Alaska, Territory & State legislatures, Senate journals, 1913–, various printers. (The first permanent European settlement in Alaska was founded in
1784, and for the next 80 or so years the Russians engaged in modest colonizing, and administering the territory from their base in New Archangel
{later Sitka}. But the colony was never very profitable, and Russia was happy to sell it to the U.S. in 1867 when the U.S. offered $7.2 million {ca. $111
million in 2010 dollars}. The purchase was negotiated by Lincoln’s Secretary of State William H. Seward. Perhaps needing time to live down its derisive
nickname as Seward’s Folly, in its relations with the United States Alaska languished for most of the next ninety-two years in benign neglect. For
the first seventeen years it was classified as a military and customs district under the jurisdiction of the War Department. During that period the
Army, Navy, and Revenue Cutter Service administered law and justice, while the only civil officers were the collector of customs and his deputies.
Military courts took care of minor offenses, and those charged with more serious crimes were sent to California, Oregon, or the Washington territory for
trial before federal district judges there. An Organic Act of 1885 created Alaska as a “District” rather than a “Territory.” The act provided for a
governor and a district court, to be headquartered out of a temporary seat of government in Sitka. It specifically ruled out any form of legislature or any
district representation in Congress. The laws of Oregon were declared to be in force. Oregon was chosen because it was the closest admitted state,
Washington being still a territory. The Oregon laws were replaced with laws specifically designed for Alaska with the congressional passage of an Alaska
Penal Code in 1899, and an Alaska Civil Code in 1900. In 1900 also Congress moved the seat of government to Juneau, and in 1906 Alaska was given a
non-voting delegate in Congress. Finally, in 1912 Congress passed a Territorial Organic Act for Alaska, giving it a watered-down form of
self-government, with the provision that all acts of the territorial legislature be subject to congressional approval. The first territorial legislature met in1913.
Statehood was finally achieved as of 3 January 1959, when Alaska became the largest U.S. state by area.)
Title:   Alaska Senate journal : reformatted from the original and including, Senate journal of the ... Legislature of the Territory of Alaska ...
OCLC Number:   853660076
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1913 Mar 1st Leg YesNo
1915 Mar 2d LegYesNo
1917 Mar 3d LegYesNo
1919 Mar 4th LegYesNo
1921 Mar 5th LegYesNo
1923 Mar 6th LegYesNo
1925 Mar 7th LegYesNo
1927 Mar 8th LegYesNo
1929 Mar 9th LegYesNo
1931 Mar 10th LegYesNo
1933 Mar 11th LegYesNo
1935 Jan 12th LegYesNo
1937 Jan 13th LegYesNo
1937 Mar 13th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1939 Jan 14th LegYesNo
1941 Jan 15th LegYesNo
1943 Jan 16th LegYesNo
1945 Jan 17th LegYesNo
1946 Mar 17th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1947 Jan 18th LegYesNo
1949 Jan 19th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1949 Jan 19th LegYesNo
1951 Jan 20th LegYesNo
1953 Jan 21st LegYesNo
1955 Jan 22d LegYesNo
1955 Mar 22d Leg Ext SessYesNo
1957 Jan 23d Leg YesNo
1959 Jan 1st Leg Bk 1YesNo
1959 Mar 1st Leg Bk 2YesNo
1959 Apr 1st Leg Bk 3YesNo
1960 Jan 1st Leg Prt 1YesNo
1960 Mar 1st Leg Prt 2YesNo
1960 Jan 1st Leg Mssg by GovYesNo
1961 Jan 2d Leg Prt 1YesNo
1961 Mar 2d Leg Prt 2YesNo
1962 Jan 2d Leg Prt 1YesNo
1962 Mar 2d Leg Prt 2YesNo
1963 Jan 3d LegYesNo
1964 Jan 3d LegYesNo
1965 Jan 4th LegYesNo
1966 Jan 4th LegYesNo
1966 Jan 4th Leg Messg by GovYesNo
1967 Jan 5th LegYesNo
1967 Mar 5th Leg Prt 2YesNo
1967 Jan 5th Leg Mssg by GovYesNo
1971 Jan 7th LegYesNo
1971 Jan 7th Leg Mssg by GovYesNo
1972 Jan 7th Leg Prt 1YesNo
1972 Feb 7th Leg Prt 2YesNo
1972 Apr 7th Leg Prt 3YesNo
1972 May 7th Leg YesNo
1973 Jan 8th LegYesNo
1973 Oct 8th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1973 Oct 8th Leg Sp Sess Mssg by GovYesNo
1974 Jan 8th LegYesNo
1974 Apr 8th LegYesNo
1974 Jan 8th LegYesNo
1975 Jan 9th Leg Prt 1YesNo
1975 Mar 9th Leg Prt 2YesNo
1975 May 9th Leg Prt 3YesNo
1975 Jan 9th Leg Prt 4YesNo
1976 Jan 9th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1976 Mar 9th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1976 May 9th Leg Vol 3YesNo
1976 June Sp CommYesNo
1977 Jan 10th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1977 Mar 10th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1977 May 10th Leg Vol 3YesNo
1978 Jan 10th LegYesNo
1978 Jan 10th Leg Sen SuppYesNo
1978 Feb 10th Leg Jnt SuppYesNo
1979 Jan 11th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1979 Mar 11th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1979 Aug 11th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1980 Jan 11th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1980 Apr 11th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1980 Sept 11th Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo
1981 Jan 12th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1981 May 12th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1981 July 12th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1982 Jan 12th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1983 Jan 13th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1983 Apr 13th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1984 Jan 13th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1984 Apr 13th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1985 Jan 14th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1985 Mar 14th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1985 July 14th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1986 Jan 14th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1986 Apr 14th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1987 Jan 15th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1987 Apr 15th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1987 July 15th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1988 Jan 15th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1988 Mar 15th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1989 Jan 16th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1989 Apr 16th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1990 Jan 16th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1990 Mar 16th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1990 Apr 16th Leg Vol 3YesNo
1990 June 16th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1991 Jan 17th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1991 Apr 17th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1992 Jan 17th Leg Vol 1YesNo
1992 Apr 17th Leg Vol 2YesNo
1992 May 17th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1992 June 17th Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo