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1876-, Texas Criminal Appeals Reports
Cases argued and adjudged in the Court of Appeals of the State of Texas: Vol. 1–, 1876/77–, St. Louis, Gilbert Book Co., etc., 1877– (In its first
years, 1876-92, the Court of Appeals handled both criminal and civil appeals. In 1892 a separate Court of Civil Appeals was created and began its own
reports series; see Texas Civil Appeals Rpts. elsewhere on this site. Thus, from Vol. 31 forward the present series contains only criminal appeals
cases. LLMC is currently offering Vols. 1-94. Later volumes will be offered as they fall out of copyright.)
Title:   The Texas criminal reports : reformatted from the original and including, Cases argued and adjudged in the Court of Appeals of the State of Texas ...
OCLC Number:   77710993
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 19YesYes
Volume 28YesYes
Volume 38YesYes
Volume 48YesYes
Volume 58YesYes
Volume 68YesYes
Volume 78YesYes
Volume 88YesYes
Volume 98YesYes
Volume 109YesYes
Volume 118YesYes
Volume 129YesYes
Volume 139YesYes
Volume 1410YesYes
Volume 159YesYes
Volume 169YesYes
Volume 178YesYes
Volume 189YesYes
Volume 199YesYes
Volume 208YesYes
Volume 2110YesYes
Volume 229YesYes
Volume 2310YesYes
Volume 2410YesYes
Volume 2510YesYes
Volume 269YesYes
Volume 2710YesYes
Volume 289YesYes
Volume 299YesYes
Volume 3010YesYes
Volume 319YesYes
Volume 329YesYes
Volume 339YesYes
Volume 349YesYes
Volume 359YesYes
Volume 368YesYes
Volume 3710YesYes
Volume 3810YesYes
Volume 399YesYes
Volume 409YesYes
Volume 418YesYes
Volume 428YesYes
Volume 438YesYes
Volume 448YesYes
Volume 458YesYes
Volume 468YesYes
Volume 478YesYes
Volume 488YesYes
Volume 498YesYes
Volume 508YesYes
Volume 518YesYes
Volume 528YesYes
Volume 538YesYes
Volume 548YesYes
Volume 558YesYes
Volume 568YesYes
Volume 578YesYes
Volume 588YesYes
Volume 598YesYes
Volume 608YesYes
Volume 618YesYes
Volume 628YesYes
Volume 638YesYes
Volume 648YesYes
Volume 658YesYes
Volume 668YesNo
Volume 678YesYes
Volume 68, 19128YesYes
Volume 69, 19138YesYes
Volume 70, 19138YesYes
Volume 71, 19138YesYes
Volume 72, 1913-148YesYes
Volume 73, 19148YesYes
Volume 74, 19148YesYes
Volume 75, 19148YesYes
Volume 76, 1914-158YesYes
Volume 77, 19158YesYes
Volume 78, 1915-168YesYes
Volume 79, 19168YesYes
Volume 80, 1916-179YesYes
Volume 81, 19178YesYes
Volume 82, 1917-188YesYes
Volume 83, 19188YesYes
Volume 84, 1918-198YesYes
Volume 85, 19199YesYes
Volume 86, 1919-208YesYes
Volume 87, 19208YesYes
Volume 88, 1920-219YesNo
Volume 89, 19218YesYes
Volume 90, 1921-228YesYes
Volume 91, 19228YesYes
Volume 92, 19229YesYes
Volume 93, 1922-238YesYes
Volume 94, 19239YesYes
Volume 95, 19238YesNo
Volume 96, 19239YesNo