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1924-, New York Municipal Laws, annual volumes
Local Laws of the cities, counties, towns and villages in the State of New York enacted during the year ____: Office of the N.Y. Secretary of State,
Vol. 1924_, Albany, var. state printers, 1925- (In 1924 the Secretary of State of NY began to issue this series in an annual volume. The year in the
title changes, and there are also some title changes, in the years thereafter up through 1971, when the present title came in use. The books are
arranged internally in alphabetical order by name of city, county, village, etc.; with the laws for each jurisdiction being grouped under its name.
Therefore, unless they have a specific page citation, users of the online version are advised to start with the index for a given year. Some libraries
interfile this set with their session laws by year, and Pimsleur merges this set in among her listing of NY session laws. It is, however, a separate title
and is cataloged and offered as such by LLMC.)
Title:   Local laws of the cities, counties, towns, and villages in the State of New York : reformatted from the original and including, Local laws of the cities in the State of New York enacted during the year ...
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1924 locYesYes
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1964 locYesNo
1965 locYesYes
1966 loc vol. 1YesNo
1966 loc vol. 2YesNo
1967 loc vol. 1YesYes
1967 loc vol. 2YesNo
1968 loc vol. 1YesNo
1968 loc vol. 2YesYes
1969 loc vol. 1YesNo
1969 loc vol. 2YesNo
1970 loc vol. 1YesYes
1970 loc vol. 2YesNo
1971 loc vol. 1YesYes
1971 loc vol. 2YesNo