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Hun's Supreme Court Reports, 1874-95
Reports of cases in the Supreme Court of the State of New York: by Marcus T. Hun, Vol. 1-92, NY, Banks & Bros., 1874-96, all publ.
Title:   Reports of cases heard and determined in the Supreme Court of the state of New York / Marcus T. Hun, reporter.
OCLC Number:   230932395
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 19YesYes
Volume 28YesYes
Volume 310YesYes
Volume 410YesYes
Volume 58YesYes
Volume 68YesYes
Volume 79YesYes
Volume 88YesYes
Volume 99YesYes
Volume 108YesYes
Volume 118YesYes
Volume 129YesYes
Volume 139YesYes
Volume 148YesYes
Volume 158YesYes
Volume 168YesYes
Volume 178YesYes
Volume 188YesYes
Volume 199YesYes
Volume 208YesYes
Volume 218YesYes
Volume 228YesYes
Volume 239YesYes
Volume 249YesYes
Volume 259YesYes
Volume 269YesYes
Volume 278YesYes
Volume 288YesNo
Volume 299YesYes
Volume 309YesYes
Volume 319YesYes
Volume 328YesYes
Volume 339YesYes
Volume 348YesYes
Volume 359YesYes
Volume 368YesYes
Volume 378YesNo
Volume 388YesNo
Volume 399YesYes
Volume 408YesNo
Volume 419YesYes
Volume 429YesYes
Volume 43YesYes
Volume 449YesYes
Volume 458YesYes
Volume 468YesYes
Volume 479YesYes
Volume 488YesYes
Volume 498YesNo
Volume 508YesNo
Volume 518YesNo
Volume 529YesNo
Volume 538YesNo
Volume 548YesNo
Volume 558YesNo
Volume 568YesNo
Volume 578YesNo
Volume 588YesNo
Volume 598YesNo
Volume 608YesNo
Volume 618YesYes
Volume 628YesNo
Volume 638YesNo
Volume 648YesNo
Volume 658YesNo
Volume 668YesNo
Volume 678YesYes
Volume 688YesNo
Volume 698YesYes
Volume 708YesNo
Volume 718YesYes
Volume 728YesYes
Volume 738YesNo
Volume 748YesNo
Volume 758YesNo
Volume 768YesYes
Volume 778YesNo
Volume 788YesYes
Volume 798YesNo
Volume 808YesNo
Volume 818YesNo
Volume 828YesNo
Volume 838YesNo
Volume 848YesNo
Volume 858YesYes
Volume 868YesNo
Volume 878YesNo
Volume 888YesYes
Volume 898YesNo
Volume 908YesNo
Volume 918YesNo
Volume 928YesNo