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1852-, New Mexico Supreme Court Reports
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the Territory/State of New Mexico: Vol. 1–, 1852–, var. state printers, 1879–.
(Volumes 1-3 of the New Mexico Reports are confusing. The first compiler was one Charles H. Gildersleeve, who in 1879 retroactively published opinions from
the 1852-1879 terms of the Territorial Supreme Court. His Volume 2 covered cases from 1880-1883. At that point a competitor, Hezikia Johnson, got
himself appointed “official reporter” by the court and began to cover the same ground as Gildersleeve for Volumes 1-3. Unfortunately, he published his
cases in a different order, and some of Johnson’s cases appear in different volumes than Gildersleeve’s. To further confound matters, when the Court
reversed itself and declared Gildersleeve to be the “official reporter,” that worthy issued another edition of his Volume 3, only using a different type
size and different pagination. In summary, there two editions each of Vol. 1 and 2, Gildersleeve and Johnson, and three editions of Vol. 3,
Gildersleeve’s 1st & 2nd and Johnson’s 1st. Readers should be prepared for some confusing citations.)
Title:   New Mexico reports : reformatted from the original and including, Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the Territory of New Mexico ...
OCLC Number:   77710042
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 1, 1852-793YesYes
Volume 1, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 2, 1880-832YesYes
Volume 2, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 3, 1883-863YesYes
Volume 4, 1887-883YesYes
Volume 5, 1888-913YesYes
Volume 6, 1891-923YesYes
Volume 7, 1893-953YesYes
Volume 8, 1895-963YesNo
Volume 9, 1897-993YesYes
Volume 10, 1900-013YesYes
Volume 11, 1901-033YesYes
Volume 12, 1903-042YesYes
Volume 13, 1905-062YesYes
Volume 14, 1907-083YesYes
Volume 15, 1909-103YesYes
Volume 16, 1911-123YesYes
Volume 17, 1912-133YesYes
Volume 18, 1913-143YesYes
Volume 19, 19143YesYes
Volume 20, 19153YesYes
Volume 21, 1915-163YesYes
Volume 22, 1916-173YesYes
Volume 23, 1917-183YesYes
Volume 24, 19183YesYes
Volume 25, 1919-203YesYes
Volume 26, 1920-213YesYes
Volume 27, 1921-223YesYes
Volume 28, 1922-233YesYes
Volume 33, 1927-29YesYes
Volume 34, 1929-30YesYes
Volume 35, 1930-31YesYes