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1860-, Nebraska Supreme Court Reports
Reports of cases in the Supreme Court of Nebraska: V.1–, 1860–, Chicago, Callaghan & Croft, and other publishers, 1871– . Cite a Neb. (Both the OCLC
cataloging and Price & Bitner give 1860 as the initial date for coverage in this series. How that date is determined is not clear from the texts
themselves, since the cases are not dated. However, Nebraska statehood came in 1867, and there are some twenty one undated territorial cases included in 1
Neb., James M. Woolworth, reporter, in a special section between pp. 411-473.)
Title:   Reports of cases in the Supreme Court of Nebraska.
OCLC Number:   77129681
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 16YesYes
Volume 1, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 26YesYes
Volume 36YesYes
Volume 47YesYes
Volume 57YesYes
Volume 67YesYes
Volume 77YesYes
Volume 87YesYes
Volume 97YesYes
Volume 108YesYes
Volume 117YesYes
Volume 128YesYes
Volume 137YesYes
Volume 147YesYes
Volume 158YesYes
Volume 168YesYes
Volume 178YesYes
Volume 188YesYes
Volume 199YesYes
Volume 208YesYes
Volume 218YesYes
Volume 229YesYes
Volume 2310YesYes
Volume 2410YesYes
Volume 2510YesYes
Volume 269YesYes
Volume 2710YesYes
Volume 2810YesYes
Volume 299YesYes
Volume 3010YesYes
Volume 3110YesYes
Volume 3210YesYes
Volume 3310YesYes
Volume 3410YesYes
Volume 3511YesYes
Volume 3611YesYes
Volume 3711YesYes
Volume 3811YesYes
Volume 3911YesYes
Volume 4011YesYes
Volume 4111YesYes
Volume 4211YesYes
Volume 4311YesYes
Volume 4411YesYes
Volume 4511YesYes
Volume 4611YesYes
Volume 4711YesYes
Volume 4811YesYes
Volume 4911YesYes
Volume 5011YesYes
Volume 5111YesYes
Volume 5210YesYes
Volume 5310YesYes
Volume 5410YesYes
Volume 5510YesYes
Volume 5610YesYes
Volume 5710YesYes
Volume 5810YesYes
Volume 5910YesYes
Volume 6010YesYes
Volume 6111YesYes
Volume 6211YesYes
Volume 6311YesYes
Volume 6412YesYes
Volume 6512YesYes
Volume 6612YesYes
Volume 678YesYes
Volume 6810YesYes
Volume 6910YesYes
Volume 7010YesYes
Volume 7110YesYes
Volume 7211YesYes
Volume 7310YesYes
Volume 7410YesNo
Volume 7510YesYes
Volume 7610YesYes
Volume 7710YesYes
Volume 7810YesYes
Volume 7910YesYes
Volume 8010YesYes
Volume 8110YesYes
Volume 8210YesYes
Volume 8310YesYes
Volume 8410YesYes
Volume 8510YesYes
Volume 8610YesYes
Volume 8710YesYes
Volume 8810YesYes
Volume 8910YesYes
Volume 9010YesYes
Volume 91, 191210YesYes
Volume 92, 1912-1310YesYes
Volume 93, 191310YesYes
Volume 94, 1913-1410YesYes
Volume 95, 191410YesYes
Volume 96, 19140YesYes
Volume 97, 1914-1510YesYes
Volume 98, 191510YesYes
Volume 99, 1915-1610YesYes
Volume 100, 1916-1710YesYes
Volume 101, 191710YesYes
Volume 102, 1917-1810YesYes
Volume 103, 1918-1911YesYes
Volume 104, 1919-2010YesYes
Volume 105, 1920-2210YesYes
Volume 106, 192110YesYes
Volume 107, 1921-2210YesYes
Volume 108, 192210YesYes
Volume 109, 1922-2310YesNo
Volume 110, 192310YesYes
Volume 111, 1923-2410YesYes
Volume 112 1924YesYes
Volume 113 1924-25YesYes
Volume 115 1926-27YesYes
Volume 116 1927-28YesYes
Volume 117 1928-29YesYes
Volume 118 1929YesYes
Volume 119, 1929-30YesYes
Volume 120, 1930-31YesYes
Volume 121, 1931YesYes