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1862-89, Dakota Territory, Session Laws
Laws passed at the _____ Session of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory Dakota: title varies, 1862–, 1st sess.–, Grand Forks, etc., var. public
printers, 1862-89, all published. (With the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the western two-thirds of the area that is now North and South Dakota became
U.S. territory. The eastern one-third of the territory became part of the U.S. in consequence of the 1818 treaty with Great Britain that established
the U.S. boundary with Canada at the 49th parallel. In 1861 the Congress organized a much larger area {including present-day North Dakota, South
Dakota, most of Montana, northern Wyoming, and northeastern Nebraska} as the Dakota Territory {D.T.}. Over the next decade or so, the Nebraska, Montana and
Wyoming portions were severed from D.T. as those entities also became stand-alone territories; so that from 1869 to 1889 D.T. encompassed only
present-day North and South Dakota. The first session of the D.T. legislature met in Yankton, D.T., in March, 1862. Statehood came for North and South
Dakota in 1889, when D.T. was broken in two, with North and South Dakota being admitted as separate states. The first session of the Legislative Assembly
of Dakota Territory was held in March, 1862. The last session was in January, 1889) (Documents which are part of the Early State Records collections
were digitized from a microfilm copy of titles originally held the Library of Congress).
Title:   General laws and memorials and resolutions of the Territory of Dakota.
OCLC Number:   405716755
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1862 Mar 1st Sess.YesNo
1862 Dec 2d Sess.YesNo
1863 Dec 3d Sess.YesNo
1864 Dec 4th Sess.YesNo
1865 Dec 5th Sess.YesNo
1866 Dec 6th Sess.YesNo
1867 Dec 7th Sess.YesNo
1868 Dec 8th Sess.YesNo
1870 Dec 9th Sess.YesNo
1872 Dec 10th Sess.YesNo
1874 Dec 11th Sess.YesNo
1889 Jan 18th Sess. [version 1], c.1YesYes
1889 Jan 18th Sess. [version 1], c.2YesNo
1889 Jan 18th Sess. [version 2]YesNo