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1703-75, Votes and proceedings (MS)
1703-1775 Votes and Proceeding of the House of Representatives in the General Assembly of the Colony of New Jersey. Of note, the February 27-May 26,
1720/1721 is not currently found in the submitted documents. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of the title originally held by the New Jersey
Title:   Votes and minutes of the House of Assembly of the colony of New Jersey in General Assembly met and convened ....
OCLC Number:   1298732033
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1741 Oct. 2-Nov. 4, 12th Assy., 2nd sess.YesNo
1742 Oct. 16-Nov. 25, 12th Assy., 3rd sess.YesNo
1743 Oct. 10-Dec. 10, 13th Assy., 1st sess.YesNo
1744 June 22-July 3, 13th Assy., 2nd sess.YesNo
1744 Aug. 18-25, 14th Assy., 1st sess., 1st sit.YesNo
1744 Oct. 4-Dec. 8, 14th Assy., 1st sess., 2nd sitYesNo
1745 Apr. 4-Aug. 24, 15th Assy., 1st sess.YesNo
1745 Sept. 24-Oct. 18, 15th Assy., 2nd sess.YesNo
1746 Feb. 26-May 10, 16th Assy., 1st sess.YesNo
1746 June 11-28, 16th Assy., 2nd sess., 1st sit.YesNo
1746 Oct. 9-Nov. 1, 16th Assy., 2nd sess., 2nd sitYesNo
1747 May 4-9, 16th Assy., 2nd sess., 3rd sit.YesNo
1747 Aug. 20-25, 16th Assy., 2nd sess. 4th sit.YesNo
1747 Nov. 17-1748 Feb. 18, 16th Assy., 2nd sess., YesNo
Indexes, 1741-47YesNo
1748 July 6-8, 16th Assy., 3rd sess., 1st sit.YesNo
1748 Oct. 21-Dec. 16, 16th Assy, 3rd sess., 2nd siYesNo
1749 Feb. 20-Mar. 28, 17th Assy., 1st sess.YesNo
1749 Sept. 25-Oct. 20, 17th Assy., 2nd sess.YesNo
1750 Feb. 13-27, 17th Assy., 3rd sess.YesNo
1750 Sept. 20-Oct. 8, 17th Assy., 4th sess., 1st sYesNo
1751 Jan. 24-Feb. 22, 17th Assy., 4th sess., 2nd sYesNo
1751 May 20-June 7, 18th Assy., 1st sess., 1st sitYesNo
1751 Sept. 10-Oct. 23, 18th Assy., 1st sess., 2nd YesNo
1752 Jan. 25-Feb. 12, 18th Assy., 2nd sess.YesNo
1752 Dec. 14-22, 18th Assy., 3rd sess.YesNo
1753 May 16-June 8, 18th Assy., 4th sess.YesNo
Indexes, 1748-53YesNo
1754 Apr. 17-29, 18th Assy., 5th sess., 1st sit.YesNo
1754 June 3-21, 18th Assy., 5th sess., 2nd sit.YesNo