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Description and Holding Information
Literary Board. Journal, 1827-68 [MS]
1827- , Manuscript journal of the Literary Board. The journal included notes and motions from the meetings of the Literary Board, beginning at the
first meeting which was held on January 16, 1827, as well as correspondence of the board. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of titles originally held
by the Department of Archives and History in Raleigh, North Carolina).
Title:   Journal.
OCLC Number:   1127389601
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1827 Jan. 16-Feb. 11YesNo
1828 Jan. 3-Sept. 18YesNo
1833, ReportYesNo
1834 Jan. 13-Aug. 9YesNo
1834, ReportYesNo
1835 Jan. 3-Nov. 20YesNo
1835, ReportYesNo
1835 Oct. 24YesNo
1837 Mar. 4-Dec. 18YesNo
1838 Jan. 29-1839 Jan. 11YesNo
1839 Mar. 15-Dec. 17YesNo
1840 Jan. 7-Dec. 31YesNo
1841 Jan. 1-Dec. 31YesNo
1842 Jan. 1-Dec. 10YesNo
1842, ReportYesNo
1842 Dec. 12-Dec. 20YesNo
1843 Jan. 3-Dec. 30YesNo
1844 Jan. 2-Dec. 5YesNo
Report, 1844YesNo
1844 Dec. 7-Dec. 31YesNo
1845 Jan. 13-Dec. 31YesNo
1846 Jan. 1-Dec. 14YesNo
Report, 1846YesNo
1847 Jan. 5-Apr. 20YesNo
1847 Apr. 29-Dec. 25YesNo
1848 Jan. 1-Oct. 9YesNo
1848 Oct. 10-Dec. 11YesNo
Report, 1848YesNo
1848 Dec. 26-Dec. 30YesNo
1849 Jan. 6-Dec. 31YesNo
1850 Jan. 7-Dec. 3YesNo
Report, 1850YesNo
1850 Dec. 26-Dec. 27YesNo
1851 Jan. 1-Dec. 24YesNo
1852 Jan. 5-Oct. 25YesNo
Report, 1852YesNo
1852 Nov. 29-Dec. 4YesNo
1853 Jan. 15-Dec. 18YesNo
1854 Jan. 4-Dec. 4YesNo
Report, 1854YesNo
1854 Dec. 5-Dec. 11YesNo
1855 Jan. 10-Dec. 9YesNo
1856 Jan. 1-Nov. 14YesNo
Report, 1856YesNo
1856 Dec. 16YesNo
1857 Jan. 10-Dec. 9YesNo
1857-59, payment of obligationsYesNo
1858 Jan. 5-Dec. 13YesNo
Report, 1858YesNo
1858 Dec. 9-Dec. 31YesNo
1859 Jan. 15-Sept. 28YesNo
1860 Apr. 26-Dec. 11YesNo
Report, 1860YesNo
1860 Dec. 12YesNo
Index 1859-60YesNo
1861 May 8-Nov. 13YesNo
1862 Apr. 1-Oct. 9YesNo
1863 Mar. 11-Nov. 11YesNo
1864 Feb. 18-Dec. 6YesNo
1865 Feb. 20-Mar. 20YesNo
1866 Apr. 16-Dec. 6YesNo
Report, 1866YesNo
1867 Jan. 16-Nov. 8YesNo
1868 Mar. 1-June 18YesNo
1839 Jan. 9-Feb. 21YesNo