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Nauru, British Phosphate Commission, Ann., Rpts., 1950-
The British Phosphate Commission; Report and accounts for the year ending…: n.a., London, HMSO, (Under the Treaty of Versailles, 1919, Germany
renounced her rights over the Island of Nauru, and a League of Nations mandate was conferred upon the British Empire. An agreement of 2 July 1919 {Nauru
Island Agreement Act, 1920, 10 & 11 Geo. 5, cap. 27} between the governments of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, provided for the joint
government of the island and for the establishment of a Board of Commissioners, representing the three governments, to hold and manage the Nauru
phosphate deposits. As part of the transition the three governments bought out the Pacific Phosphate Company for £3,500,000. With the exception of the years
of Japanese occupation during WW II, the Phosphate Commission ran the mining operations until 1967 when, as part of the process of Nauru achieving
independence as a republic within the Common-wealth, control of the capital assets of the phosphate extraction industry passed to Nauru, which paid for
them out of the proceeds from the workings in only three years. Prior to 1950 British publication of the reports of the Phosphate Commission was
achieved by their inclusion in the Annual Volume of Trading Accounts and Balance Sheets. Thereafter the reports were issued annually in this series of
command papers.)
Title:   Report and accounts for the year ended 30 June ... / presented by the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations to Parliament by command of Her Majesty.
OCLC Number:   809851319
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