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Ponce, Boundaries between Ecuador and Peru: Memorandum Presented to the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Bolivia, 1936
Limites entre el Ecuador y el Peru; Memorandum para el ministerior de relaciones exteriors de la Republica de Bolivia; Por N. Clemente Ponce, enviado
extraordinario y Ministro Plenipotenciario del Ecuador; Cuarta edicion – Boundaries between Ecuador and Peru; Memorandum presented to the Ministry of
Foreign Relations of Bolivia by His Excellency Doctor N. Clemente Ponce, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotenciary (sic.) of Ecuador; Second
English edition: Ponce, 64+64p, Quito, Imp. Nat., 1936. (Text is in both Spanish and English on opposing pages. A TOC appears on opposing pages 64. The
dispute between Ecuador and Peru regarding their borders was the longest running border dispute in Latin American history. It originated in Spanish
colonial times when the border separated the Vice-Royalties of Peru and New Grenada. When Peru and Gran Colombia and Peru became independent from Spain
in 1819 and 1821 respectively the dispute heated up, leading to war in 1828. After the war the two sides managed to agree on the border that existed
in Spanish times. But that resolution soon became moot when Ecuador seceded from Gran Columbia in 1830 and reasserted a claim to the disputed areas.
Peru and Ecuador squabbled over the matter for the next century. Angry words led to brief wars in 1932-33 and again in 1941. It was during that period
that Dr. Ponce authored this memorandum aimed at winning Bolivia over to Ecuadorian view of affairs. The border dispute was finally settled by a
treaty between the disputants in 1999, some 171 years after it had begun.)
Title:   Límites entre el Ecuador y el Perú : memorandum para el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de la República de Bolivia / por N. Clemente Ponce, enviado extraordinario y Ministro Plenipotenciario del Ecuador.
OCLC Number:   561512885
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