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Greetings valued LLMC Members -

The Annual AALL Conference is upon us – and, as you may know, this year’s theme is ‘Forgo the Status Quo’.  While our LLMC nonprofit consortium has been in existence more than 40 years and LLMC Digital is celebrating its 15 year anniversary; yet, we are definitely forgoing the status quo in order to support your research and preservation interests!
Our operations, interface, and response to content opportunities both large and small are adapting and evolving in order to meet your future needs and requirements.

New location As of October 2016, LLMC production operations and content management is now based in Minnesota. The logistics of this move from Hawaii to the mainland were transparent to you; but, we are certain you will be pleased with the ensuing benefits!  Expanding operations at our technology partner National Business Systems (NBS) in Eagan, MN provides an advantage of good logistics along with leveraging experience over years of working together to support LLMC production and processes.  The operation in Eagan affords LLMC better long-term planning and control over indirect expenses associated with content operations, such as: replacing and maintaining scanning equipment; costly investment in significant building repairs; as well as a more optimal environment than Hawaii for storing books, managing transportation and shipping expenses, and hiring key staff.   

New team Post-transition, our first key hire is Kurt Meyer, Manager of Global Content Development and Preservation.  In addition, Richard (Amelung) now manages a team of 4 part-time law librarians in Saint Louis University Law Library to catalog and add abstracts to all LLMC Digital content. 

New content, partners, and interface Please take the time to stop by LLMC’s Booth 713 so that we can thank you for your support and share exciting developments such as:

  • Hear ye! Hear ye! LLMC, with critical financial support from Patron Libraries, is digitizing and adding valuable metadata to the Early State Records, and
  • other substantial content initiatives such as Cuba, Houston Mutiny of 1917, Foreign Official Gazettes, state legislative journals,  Latin America, Canadian and UK materials and much more are among the more than 9,798 global legal and government titles (105,588 volumes, 64+ million images as of June 2017) now preserved and searchable via LLMC Digital, and learn about
  •  latest developments regarding our collaboration with organizations including the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Google along with LA Law Library and University of Illinois, Cook County Law Library, and our new Patrons of Early State Records et al. and
  • congratulate Richard on the AALL Joseph L Andrews Legal Literature Award 2017 for The Legal Patrimony of Haiti An Annotated Bibliography, and
  • pick up your Rule of Law flexible ruler and get an update about our LLMC Digital interface enhancements, with improved search screens for basic and more sophisticated searches as well as the YouTube tutorial!

Finally, we hope you are able to join us at the LLMC Annual Members Meeting in Hilton Room 406 on Monday, July 17th at 5:00 pm.  We look forward to seeing you in Austin!