We are honored by the AALL recent announcement that Richard C. Amelung, PhD (Professor Emeritus of Legal Research, Vincent C. Immel Law Library and LLMC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors) and LLMC Staff are recipients of the prestigious Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award for our combined efforts in publishing, The Legal Patrimony of Haiti: An Annotated Bibliography.  We especially recognize Richard’s expert editorial and French language contributions, without which this book and its corresponding database would not have been possible. Since 2010 when Haiti suffered a catastrophic earthquake, the LLMC nonprofit consortium of libraries, with content donations from 27 institutions around the world, has dedicated resources to digitize and preserve Haiti’s legal and governance materials. This substantial effort has resulted in the largest Haitian Legal Collection in the world (available via LLMC Digital and dLOC) – and an award-winning Bibliography to support research about this fascinating country. Thank you AALL and all of our patrons for this special recognition!