We at LLMC are happy to announce that the Yale Blackstone Collection has been added to LLMC Digital and is now available. This means that in addition to digital access, there are also catalog records, and full text searching. It can be found in our Special Focus Collections.

The Yale Blackstone Collection includes over 500 volumes which comprise approximately 300 titles and is the world’s most comprehensive collection of published works by or relating to Sir William Blackstone. It was originally gifted to Yale in 1907 by the Honorable Macgrane Cox, who then added to the collection again in 1913. Over the years, Yale also added to the collection through gifts and acquisitions. It was first filmed in 1979 with LLMC exercising great care and working in New Haven because of the many rare and fragile materials. We have now completed the conversion from fiche to digital as well as the OCR work.

In 2015, the Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Law Library hosted an exhibition to commemorate 250 years of Blackstone’s commentaries. The excellent catalog can be found here and provides useful additional information.