LLMC is excited to announce the release of the Beta version of its new LLMC Digital search interface. We’ve been hard at work improving the usability of the database, and we look forward to your feedback. The interface offers new features like a Basic Search that helps a user to browse our array of databases and then streamlines their research within a subset of the collection. You can conduct a full text search on anything from the entire collection on down to individual titles and volumes.  In addition, a ‘cookie trail’ of your research appears at the top of the screen, providing details of your research while allowing you to go back to a prior step at any time.  While more intuitive, this interface is still very powerful and will be very useful for students and other users. The Advanced Search option continues to allow you to federate searches across multiple subsets of the collection from individual volumes to entire countries or subjects. We have also made improvements to our citation searching which will make pulling up specific periodical citations easier.

LLMC Digital’s new look provides a simpler, more efficient, and powerful interface by emphasizing the search boxes and decreasing the need for scrolling. We undertook these improvements in response to user feedback, and we look forward to more input so that we can continue to improve and serve you better.