In Partnership with CRL (the Center for Research Libraries), LLMC Digital has been digitizing CRL’s state government legislative materials for the past four years. We have just completed the digitization of the New York state Senate and Assembly Journals. LLMC has selected coverage as far back as 1695 with the Journal of the House of Representatives for His Majestie’s Province of New York in America. New York becomes the 38th state for which we have now digitized CRL’s collection of House and Senate Journals. Digitization of the 39th state, Massachusetts, starts immediately. Materials from all 38 states including New York are now available to both LLMC Digital and CRL members on LLMC Digital’s database.

These materials record the daily actions of the legislative bodies of each state and include a wide range of items such as introduced bills, roll calls, votes as well as official papers and reports. They are helpful in researching state history and governance.