Greetings valued LLMC Digital Members -

The Annual AALL Conference is upon us – and, as you may know, this year’s theme is ‘The Power of Connection’.  The power of connection is also what powers our consortium!  Through our growing network of 500+ member institutions, we are able to provide access to greater depth and breadth of content across collections ranging from Alabama to Zimbabwe to the Yale Blackstone Collection.


Further, our mission of access and preservation of these vital materials has never been more critical!  In the recent member survey, 76% of respondents reported that their law library has been actively withdrawing print during the past 2 years.  The types of materials being divested cross the spectrum of our product offerings.  No wonder we are feeling like the Dutch boy with his fingers (and toes) plugging holes in the dam!  A growing number of you have contacted us regarding the need to responsibly manage the permanent relocation of books in your libraries.  LLMC Digital has frequently been able to assist in such situations. Once digitized, those ‘last best copies’ are sent to the salt mines for permanent preservation.  All these books are reported at no charge on the Legal PAPR service (see ). 


Please take time to stop by LLMC Digital’s Booth 406 so that we can thank you for your support and share the following developments:

  1. inquire about the status of your favorite content initiatives such as Cuba and Foreign Official Gazettes, which     are among the more than 7,838 global legal and government titles (89,850 volumes) now preserved and searchable via LLMC-Digital, and
  2. find out the latest developments regarding  our collaboration with organizations including the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), OCLC knowledge base, Google and LA Law Library, and EBSCO Discovery  et al.
  3. pick up a bookmark and get an update about our recent technology investment, resulting in incredibly improved response time for full text searches!

Finally, we hope you are able to join us at the LLMC Digital Members Meeting in Marriott  – Room 401/402 on Monday, July 20th at 5:30 pm.  Look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia!