Friday, August 29th, some of you received a communication from OCLC which stated “OCLC is discontinuing the WorldCat Collection Sets service on September 30, 2014”.

For those of you who were able to stop by our booth during the July 2014 AALL Conference, you may have received a copy of our joint announcement with OCLC (see link: OCLC - LLMC Digital AALL Announcement).   It advises that our LLMC-Digital MARC record collection, currently available via OCLC’s WorldCat® Collection Sets service, is being migrated to the WorldCat® knowledge base and WorldShare® Metadata. We promised to notify you when the collection has been migrated to the WorldCat knowledge base.

While we cannot give you an exact delivery date today, we want to reassure you that our effort to make this content available through OCLC’s knowledgebase service is progressing rapidly.  And, we understand that you will realize significant benefit as a result of this initiative; for example, LLMC-Digital records for electronic collections will henceforth be free to OCLC Members, while Non-Members will be able to acquire them as well.
We will notify you as soon as our content is available in OCLC knowledge base.  If you have questions of OCLC related to this project, you can contact them at
Yours truly,
Richard Amelung, Chairman of the Board and Kathleen Richman, Executive Director