LLMC member libraries have met annually during AALL conventions since 1978. Our 37th Annual Meeting was held at AALL in San Antonio, Texas, on July 14. It was conducted under rules adopted in 2003 when LLMC's fiche-era libraries transferred control of the Consortium’s assets to LLMC-Digital’s Charter Members. As usual, the principal business of the annual meeting was elections to staff LLMC’s two governing bodies, our Board of Directors and Advisory Council. Voting rights for delegates reflected each library’s subscription status relative to LLMC-Digital.


  • Elections 2014


In the Board of Directors election two four-year slots were open due to the expired terms of Marcia Koslov, Dir. (Ret.), LA Law Library, and Jerry Dupont, Asso. Dir. for Content Development, LLMC. The outgoing Board of Directors presented two nominees for these positions: Jules Winterton, Executive Director and Law Librarian, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, Univ. of London, and Richard Amelung, Prof. Emeritus of Legal Research, Saint Louis University Law School. No other nominations being made, the Board’s nominees were elected by acclamation.


In the Advisory Council elections, six slots were open due to term expirations for councillors John Barden Dir., Maine State Law, Leg. Res.L., Darin Fox Dir. (ret.), U. Oklahoma L.L., Judith Gaskell Dir. (ret.), U.S. Sup. Ct. L., Marie Newman Dir., Pace U.L.L., Carol Roehrenbeck Dir.Ret., Rutgers L.L., Michelle Wu Dir., Georgetown U.L.L. An- other slot was opened by the election of Jules Winterton to the Board of Directors. The following of our colleagues were nominated and elected, or reelected, to the Advisory Council by acclamation. New to the Council are: Glen Dickenson, Dir., Iowa Leg. Serv. Agency; Mary Hemmings, Chief Law Libn., Thomson Rivers U.L.L. (Can.); Wendell Johnting, Asst. Dir. U. Indiana L.L.; and Jean Wenger, Gov. Docs. & FCIL Libn., Cook County L.L.. Elected to additional terms were our colleagues: John Barden, & Judith Gaskell. Also, returning after an absence of several years, former Councilor & Board member, Maryruth Storer, Dir., Orange County Law Library.


Our full leadership for 2014/15 is provided below. We hereby extend our deep appreciation to those leaving office, and our grateful congratulations to all the new incumbents. All of us have already benefited so much, and will no doubt continue to benefit, from the willingness of our colleagues to serve.


  • LLMC’s Leaders in 2014/15

(Final year for each term follows the name)

Board of Directors:

Richard Amelung  Prof. Emer., S.L.U.L.L. (2018)
Barbara Garavaglia Dir., U. Mich. L.L. (2016)
Joe Hinger Dir. Tech Serv., St. John’s U.L.L. (2015)
Kent McKeever Dir., Columbia U.L.L. (2016)
Anne Matthewman Dir., Dalhousie U.L.L. (2017)

Kathleen Richman LLMC Exec. Dir. (ex officio)
Judy Russell Dean, U. Florida Libraries (2017)

Regina Smith Dir., Jenkins Memorial L.L. (2015)

Jules Winterton Exec.Dir.,& Libn., I.A.L.S. (2018)


Advisory Council:

John Barden Dir., Maine St. Law & L.R.L. (2017)

Glen Dickenson Dir., Iowa Leg. Serv. Ag. (2017)

Jonathan Franklin Asso. Libn. U. Wash. L.L. (2015)

Judith Gaskell Dir.Ret., U.S.Sup.Ct.L. (2017)
Jolande Goldberg Sen.Cat.-Policy Spec., LC (2016)
Mary Hemmings Dir., Thompson Riv. U.L.L.(2017)

Wendell Johnting Asst.Dir., U. Indiana L.L. (2017)

Louis Mirando Osgoode Hall L.L. (2016)
Ralph Monaco Hd. Libn., N.Y.L.I. Lib. (2015)

Scott Pagel Dir., George Washington U.L.L. (2015)
Michelle Pearse Libn., Harvard U.L.L. (2016)

Jeanne Price Dir., U. Nevada-Las Vegas L.L. (2016)
Mark Podvia Dickinson S.L.L.L. (2016)

Maryruth Storer Dir. Orange County L.L. (2015)
Richard Tuske Hd. Libn., A.Bar C.N.Y. L.L. (2015)
Jean Wenger Gov.Docs./FCIL, Cook C.L.L. (2017)

Sally Wise Dir. U. Miami L.L. (2015)