As most readers know, LLMC is owned and governed by a fixed group of Charter Members, comprised of the 246 intrepid and far-sighted libraries that launched the digital project over ten years ago, when they became the founding subscriber group that organized LLMC-Digital.[1]

Since 2004 the Consortium has functioned as follows. Day-to-day operations are conducted by paid fulltime staff, supervised by a volunteer, part-time Board of Directors (BD) elected by the Charter Members. In turn, the Directors seek advice as needed from an 18-member Advisory Council (AC), also elected by the Charter Members. As its principal duty, the AC is available for consultation when issues needing prompt resolution arise between the annual meetings, and the BD feels a need to consult a body representative of the membership. In addition, AC members regularly serve on committees established by the BD to address special needs.

The Member Libraries meet once a year, always in conjunction with the annual convention of AALL. At this annual meeting they select colleagues to fill vacant seats on the two governing bodies, receive reports from the staff on LLMC’s progress, provide input on current issues, and decide any policy questions submitted by the Board.

The 38th annual LLMC Members Meeting will take place during the AALL convention in San Antonio, Texas, on Monday, July 14, 5:30-6:30 PM. The meeting venue will be the Marriott Rivercenter’s Salon D. All member libraries are invited to send a representative. Voting entitlement packets will be available at the door for the Charter Member library representatives, to whom voting on balloted questions is reserved. However, all subscribers, and any other interested law library col-leagues are welcome to participate and provide input.


As always, the main official business of the annual meeting will be to elect directors and councilors to fill open slots on our governing bodies, the Board of Directors and Advisory Council. The list of current incumbents in both bodies appears below, with the final year of each person’s term listed after their name.[2]

[1] New readers can view the list of Charter Members by going to LLMC-Central <> and clicking successively on the tabs “About LLMC” & “Charter Community.” They will see that our club of charter members encompasses all vari-eties of libraries, although it leans heavily toward the academic law library world. Note also that the list provides the weighted voting entitlements for each charter member.

[2] LLMC governing structure, 2013/14


Board of Directors:

Jerry Dupont Bd. Chair & Content Developer (2014)
Barbara Garavaglia Dir., U. Mich L.L. (2016)
Joe Hinger Dir. Tech Serv., St. John’s U.L.L. (2015)
Marcia Koslov Dir.Ret., Los Angeles L.L. (2014)
Kent McKeever Dir., Columbia U.L.L. (2016)
Anne Matthewman Dir., Dalhousie U.L.L. (2017)

Kathleen Richman LLMC Exec. Dir. (ex officio)
Judy Russell Dean, U. Florida Libraries (2017)

Regina Smith Dir., Jenkins Memorial L.L. (2015)

Advisory Council:

John Barden Dir., Maine St. Law & L.R.L. (2014)
Neil Campbell Dir., U. Victoria L.L. (2016)
Darin Fox Dir.ret., U. Oklahoma L.L. (2014)
Judith Gaskell Dir.Ret., U.S.Sup.Ct.L. (2014)
Jolande Goldberg Sen.Cat.-Policy Spec., LC (2016)
Jonathan Franklin Asso. Libn. U. Wash. L.L. (2015)
Louis Mirando Osgoode Hall L.L. (2016)
Ralph Monaco Hd. Libn., N.Y.L.I. Lib. (2015)
Marie Newman Dir., Pace U.L.L. (2014)

Scott Pagel Dir., George Washington U.L.L. (2015)
Michelle Pearse Libn., Harvard U.L.L. (2017)

Jeanne Price Dir., U. Nevada-Las Vegas L.L. (2016)
Carol Roehrenbeck Dir.Ret.,Rutgers-N.L.L. (2014)
Mark Podvia Dickinson S.L.L.L. (2016)
Richard Tuske Hd. Libn., A.Bar C.N.Y. L.L. (2015)
Jules Winterton Dir., I.A.L.S. (2015)
Sally Wise Dir. U. Miami L.L. (2015)
Michelle Wu Dir., Georgetown U.L.L. (2014)



  • Board of Directors Elections


The terms of two current directors, Jerry Dupont and Marcia Koslov, expire this year. Following tradition, and to ensure the avail-ability of at least some candidates able and willing to serve, the current Board recruits and nominates candidates to fill open Board positions. However, nominations from the floor are always in order; although nominators should be able to assure the Chair that their candidates are able and willing to put in the time for effective service.

The Board’s nominees for the two four-year slots opening up this year are: Jerry Dupont, current Board Chair and content developer at LLMC’s headquarters in Kaneohe, Hawaii; and Jules Winterton, Dir. of the Institute and the Law Library of the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London.


  • Advisory Council Elections


This year there will be eight open slots on the AC. This is due to the expiration of the terms of colleagues John Barden, Darin Fox, Judy Gaskell, Marie Newman, Carol Roehrenbeck, and Michelle Wu. In addition, Neil Campbell has notified us of his impending retirement from his library post and his hope that he might be replaced by an active Canadian law librarian. Finally, if Jules Winterton is elected to the Board of Directors, that will result in another AC vacancy.


As with the Board elections, but this time with the intention of attracting or retaining people with special pertinence to ongoing LLMC projects, the incumbent Board recruits and nominates candidates to fill some open AC positions. This year the Board will be nominating five candidates for the Advisory Council. These are: John Barden, Dir., Maine State Law & Legislative Research Library; Glen Dickenson, Dir., Iowa Legislative Services Agency; Judith Gaskell, Dir., Ret., U.S. Supreme Ct. Lib. Wendell Johnting, Asst. Dir. Tech. Serv., U. Indiana, Indianapolis L.L.; and Jean Wenger, Gov. Docs. & For. & Intl’ Law Libn, Cook County L.L.


However, especially with so many open positions to fill, nominations from the floor are very much in order and are hereby invited. Nominators should be prepared to assure the Chair that their nominee is able and willing to serve.