We have noticed for some time that Creighton University Law Library has consistently been among our top-user libraries. Our Executive Director recently contacted the Library Director, Kay Andrus, asking if she could provide an on-the-scene account of why they thought their patrons were such heavy users. We received the following reply from Heather Buckwalter, Serials/Acquisitions Librarian.

  • “Creighton University Law Library has a new faculty member who has hit the ground running. While help-ing him put together material for a coursepack, he mentioned an old North Carolina case that he would like to include, but he didn’t think we would have the case in print. Shortly after returning to my office, I was able to retrieve and print the case from LLMC Digital. When I gave the printout to the faculty member he was impressed with the clean, sharp pdf image that I was able to retrieve from LLMC Digital. With access to LLMC Digital, Creighton University Law Library has been able to fill gaps in its historical materials that we would otherwise have to try and borrow from other libraries. By having the cataloging records in our ILS, we have given our patrons full access to a wealth of information that otherwise they would not discover.”


Heather’s comment on the worth of loading the LLMC-Digital cataloging records echo what we hear from all of our top user libraries – use goes way up as soon as those records become available. We encourage all of our subscribing libraries to take that message to heart.