LLMC member libraries have met annually during AALL conventions since 1978. Our 36th Annual Meeting was held at AALL in Seattle on July 15. It was conducted under rules adopted in 2003 when LLMC's fiche-era libraries transferred control of the Consortium’s assets to LLMC-Digital’s Charter Members. As usual, the main business of the an-nual meeting was elections to staff LLMC’s two governing bodies, our Board of Directors and Advisory Council. Voting rights for delegates reflected each library’s subscription status relative to LLMC-Digital. This year some 38 representatives of the 265 Charter Member libraries participated.

 Elections 2013
In the Board of Directors election two four-year slots were open due to the expired terms of Judith Wright Dir., U. Chicago L.L., and Joe Hinger, Asso. Libn., St. John’s U.L.L. In addition, two persons were needed to fill the unexpired terms of Richard Amelung, Asso. Dir., St.Louis U.L.L. and Janis Johnston, Dir., U. Illinois L.L.; both of whom recently retired from both their university positions and the LLMC Board. The outgoing Board of Directors had previously recruited two nominees for the two full-term positions: Anne Matthewman, Dir., Dalhousie U.L.L., and Judy Russell, Dean of Libraries, U. Florida. In addition, to fill the two years remaining in Janis Johnston’s term, the Board nominated Joe Hinger; and to fill the one-year remaining in Richard Amelung’s term, the Board nominated Jerry Dupont. No other nominations being made, all four Board candidates were elected by acclamation.
In the Advisory Council elections, slots were open due to term expirations for councilors Neal Campbell, Dir., U. Victoria L.L. (Can.); Jolande Goldberg, Sen. Cat. Specialist, L.C.; Dan Lavering, Dir., U.S. Army JAG S.LL.; Margaret Leary, Dir.Ret., U. Michigan L.L.; and Jeanne Price, Dir., U. Nevada-Las Vegas L.L. An additional slot was opened by the election of Judy Russell to the Board of Directors. The following of our colleagues were nominated and elected, or reelected, to the Advisory Council by acclamation. New to the Council are: Louis Mirando, Dir. Osgoode Hall L.L. (Can.); Michelle Pearse, Libn., Harvard U.L.L.; & Mark Podvia, Dickinson S.L.L.L. Elected to second terms were our colleagues: Neal Campbell, Jolande Goldberg,& Jeanne Price.
Our full leadership for 2012/13 is provided at the end of this annual meeting report. We hereby extend our deep appreciation to those leaving office, and our grateful congratulations to all the new incumbents. All of us have already benefited so much, and will no doubt continue to benefit, from the willing-ness of our colleagues to serve.

Special tributes:
While expressing our deep gratitude to all of our departing colleagues who have given of their time and energies to make our consortium the vital organization it has become, Board Chair Jerry Dupont called the special attention of the assembled members to two of our departing colleagues whose work on behalf of the organization went far beyond the norm. He flagged for special recognition:
• Margaret Leary, Dir. Ret. of the U. Michigan L.L. - Margaret’s association with LLMC goes back to the birth of LLMC in 1976. As principal assistant to then Director Beverly J. Pooley, Margaret energetically helped to put the full weight of the Michigan Law Library’s influence in the pro-fession behind the new venture. She served several terms as an Advisory Board member, and after she succeeded Prof. Pooley, herself served three terms as a member of our Board of Directors. A constant stalwart in our fiche era, she was also substantially involved in our migration into the digital world. It was in large part through her good offices that we were able to join Michigan’s digital library incubation program and launch our online service. Furthermore, once we had outgrown the Michigan crib, Margaret had no problem helping to lead us on to an independent existence. We will miss her steady support and wise counsel, but wish her a long and happy retirement.
• Richard Amelung, Asso. Dir. Ret. of the Saint Louis U.L.L. – Richard first became involved with LLMC back in the mid-1980s during our fiche era when, as cataloger extraordinaire for SLU, he oversaw the cataloging of our Canon Law and three Civil Law collections. For the next fiche decade he was our resident guru on all things cataloging. With the advent of our digital project it quickly became evident that cataloging was going to be a very important part of the program. So Richard was quickly recruited onto the development team. In 2004 the Board decided that it needed his direct input on the Board itself. First as Board member, and then for the last six years as Chair, Richard has with his knowledge, experience, and wisdom influenced virtually every important move that LLMC has made since. Now Richard has decided to end his University career and take well-earned retirement. Our only consolation is that he plans to continue working on LLMC cataloging even in retirement.

 Other Business:
The annual meeting concluded with short reports or waves from the following:
• Kathleen Richman, our Executive Director, briefly reviewed the high-lights of LLMC’s past year.
• The Chair reminded everybody that we have now begun our second five-year contract with our technical partner National Business Systems (NBS) of Eagan, Minn. He asked Joe Tafs and Dan Hoppestad of NBS to stand and be recognized by the members, who acknowledged their pre-sence with vigorous applause.
• Sandi Levin, the new Director of the LA Law Library, conveyed to the members her enthusiasm for the partnership of LA Law Library and LLMC in a Global Print Preservation Project. (See Issue 57, pp. 2-4)
• Amy Wood, of the Center for Re-search Libraries spoke on CRL’s Legal-PAPR program, a project in which LLMC is a major partner, and invited members to consider partici-pation. (See Issue 57, pp. 4-5)
• Finally, Valerie Carullo, who was representing our first corporate sponsor, Bloomberg Law, was introduced to the members. Valerie gave a brief overview of her company’s offerings and subject strengths, described how they complemented the LLMC mission, and expressed how pleased she was that Bloomberg Law was taking on this supportive role.

LLMC’s Leaders in 2013/14
(Final year for each term follows the name)
Board of Directors:
Jerry Dupont Bd. Chair & Content Developer (2014) Barbara Garavaglia Dir., U. Mich L.L. (2016) Joe Hinger Dir. Tech Serv., St. John’s U.L.L. (2015) Marcia Koslov Dir.Ret., Los Angeles L.L. (2014) Kent McKeever Dir., Columbia U.L.L. (2016) Anne Matthewman Dir., Dalhousie U.L.L. (2017)
Kathleen Richman LLMC Exec. Dir. (ex officio) Judy Russell Dean, U. Florida Libraries (2017)
Regina Smith Dir., Jenkins Memorial L.L. (2015)

Advisory Council:
John Barden Dir., Maine St. Law & L.R.L. (2014) Neil Campbell Dir., U. Victoria L.L. (2016) Darin Fox Dir.ret., U. Oklahoma L.L. (2014) Judith Gaskell Dir.Ret., U.S.Sup.Ct.L. (2014) Jolande Goldberg Sen.Cat.-Policy Spec., LC (2016) Jonathan Franklin Asso. Libn. U. Wash. L.L. (2015) Louis Mirando Osgoode Hall L.L. (2016) Ralph Monaco Hd. Libn., N.Y.L.I. Lib. (2015) Marie Newman Dir., Pace U.L.L. (2014)
Scott Pagel Dir., George Washington U.L.L. (2015) Michelle Pearse Libn., Harvard U.L.L. (2017)
Jeanne Price Dir., U. Nevada-Las Vegas L.L. (2016) Carol Roehrenbeck Dir.Ret.,Rutgers-N.L.L. (2014) Mark Podvia Dickinson S.L.L.L. (2016) Richard Tuske Hd. Libn., A.Bar C.N.Y. L.L. (2015) Jules Winterton Dir., I.A.L.S. (2015) Sally Wise Dir. U. Miami L.L. (2015) Michelle Wu Dir., Georgetown U.L.L. (2014)