The University of North Texas (UNT) maintains the highly respected online site Portal to Texas History.[1] The ambit of its collections is very broad, covering all areas of Texas life and history, and all media. It also has a legal component, which it would like to grow in cooperation with LLMC. The arrangement under negotiation is likely to develop, with allowances for local variants, somewhat along the lines of that described for Iowa on p1, col. 1, of this issue, and also along the lines of the fruitful partnership that LLMC maintains with[2]


At first blush it appears that what we can offer UNT is the bulk of the runs for some major titles such as the Texas session laws and the Texas legislative journals. What UNT can offer us is some early gap fillers for these runs, many of the early Texas compiled laws, and a rich trove of small, but highly desirable, early Texas constitutional tiles. While this relationship is still in its infancy, we have high hopes that, as it matures, it will lead to a mutual enrichment of both of our collections of Texas law and law-related materials.[3]


[2] For the latest newsletter story on how that partnership is going, see Issue #55, p. 3, in the newsletter archive on

[3] A look at our Texas collection on the attached LLMC Titles-Offered List, lines 1523-1538, shows that, while not insubstantial, it could use some beefing up. If any of our readers see some loose Texas law-and-law-related titles lying around their libraries, and are disposed to gift or loan them, both the UNT Portal to Texas History and we here at LLMC would be mighty grateful.