The University of Washington Law Library has recently been realigning its foreign law holdings and shelf space to more narrowly support the contemporary research interests of its faculty and students, and to provide storage space for future acquisition in those high-priority areas. As one result it deac-cessioned some 3,600 volumes of legal peri-odicals, which it has donated to LLMC and the LA Law Library.


The majority of the titles being gifted by U.W. are still in copyright, and therefore have been accepted by LA Law Library for safe-keeping until the copyrights expire and they can be scanned. However, some 14 titles comprising 628 volumes are out of copyright, and thus are eligible for near-term scanning.


All of us owe a nod of thanks to the U.W. Law Library for some significant periodical titles that will soon be added to our Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Netherlands offerings, as well as some major additions to our Canon Law, Legal Philosophy, and Roman Law collections.